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Kathleen Bangs

Kathleen Bangs
Outlook: Insurance An improved short-term outlook 

Recurrent training for jet and turboprop pilots performed in actual airplanes may go the way of the dodo if insurers have their way. I well recall once failing an engine on a student, now an American Airlines captain, while conducting a multiengine training session. In his haste to act, the student shut down the operating powerplant. As we drifted in complete silence toward the prairie below, I realized that reality training is dynamic, yet fraught with potentially lethal outcomes.

Outlook: Flight Training More distance learning, more simulator offerings, and development training as well 

The good news on the flight training front is that business is on the increase this year and the upward trend is forecast to continue into 2005.

The major players of flight training -- CAE SimuFlite, FlightSafety International (FSI) and Pan Am International's business training arm SimCom -- across the board reported a welcome improvement in demand for simulator and classroom instruction at nearly all of their traditional facilities and also some unexpected areas.

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