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John M. Doyle

John M. Doyle
U.S. Army Aviation Down, But Still Dominates Procurement 
The U.S. Army’s aviation spending request for fiscal 2017 is $3.6 billion, down more than $2 billion from the $5.9 billion in the defense bill approved by Congress last year. However, it remains the largest segment of the Army’s $15.1 billion procurement request.
U.S. Army Nearly Triples JLTV Acquisition In Budget Request  1
The ramp-up comes while the Army’s choice of truck maker Oshkosh for the contract continues to be challenged by losing competitor Lockheed Martin.
UAV Killers Gain Role Against Growing Threat  21
As insurgents use drones for tactical missions, counter-drone systems deploy to neutralize them.
New Warfare Reality: State-Insurgent Mix Of Tactics Used In Ukraine  4
Reality will be illusion on battlefields, as insurgents and regular armies mix in the evolving strategy of hybrid warfare, which promotes political objectives by disguising state-sponsored aggression.
Redesigning Road Vehicles For Evolving Battlefields 
A scout vehicle that doubles as a forward command post and a heavier MRAP truck highlight new ground vehicles at recent expos.
U.S. Air Force Opens Lightweight UAV Turbine Engine Competition 
The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has announced the first-ever Air Force Prize, awarding $2 million for the first developer of a lightweight, turbine engine to power a UAV.
U.S. Army Aviation Restructuring Reliant On Halt To More Sequestration 
The U.S. Army is seeking more rotorcraft – including Black Hawks, Apaches and Chinooks – in its fiscal 2016 budget request, but it is all contingent on Congress avoiding another round of funding cuts through sequestration.
Pentagon Leaders Want Better Socom Communications 

U.S. Defense Department leaders think special operations forces (SOF) are uniquely suited for the most likely missions of the future—counter-terrorism and crisis response.

U.S. Army Wants To Pair UAVs With Apache To Replace Kiowa Scout 

THE PENTAGON — The U.S. Army would reduce the number of combat aviation brigades, eliminate the Kiowa scout helicopter program and buy more Lakota Light Utility helicopters as part of a broad transformation of its aviation strategy over the next five years, officials explained on March 5.

Army plans also call for pairing MQ-1 Gray Eagle and RQ-7 Shadow UAVs with AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to perform the Kiowa’s scouting mission.

U.S. Army 2015 Budget To Replace, Upgrade Ground Vehicles 

THE PENTAGON — The Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program may be on its way out, but the U.S. Army is still building, buying and developing replacements for a variety of ground vehicles.

The Army’s $121 billion base budget request for fiscal 2015 announced on March 4 includes $1.83 billion for ground mobility vehicles, down slightly from the $1.85 billion approved by Congress in December, when it passed a budget deal that capped defense spending at $496 billion for fiscal 2015.

Budget Pressures Push U.S. Army To Rethink Aviation Structure 

THE PENTAGON — Spending constraints imposed on the defense budget, capped by Congress at $496 billion for fiscal 2015, have forced the U.S. Army to re-examine its aviation structures, officials told a Pentagon budget briefing on March 4.

The Army is asking Congress for $5.10 billion for aircraft and aviation equipment, compared to the $5.02 billion sought in fiscal 2014 and the $4.76 billion approved by Congress in December.

Modest Intel, UAV Acquisitions In U.S. Army 2015 Request 

THE PENTAGON — The U.S. Army is seeking a modest increase in intelligence and unmanned aircraft acquisitions in its $125 billion budget request for fiscal 2015, service officials said March 4.

The Army is seeking $1.10 billion for intelligence acquisitions and research and development, down slightly from the $1.17 billion approved by Congress in December for the current fiscal year.

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