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_John M. Doyle

_John M. Doyle
Possible U.S. Army Force Cuts Below 450,000 Concern Odierno 
Gen. Raymond Odierno, the Army chief of staff, warned on Nov. 19 that further cuts to the Army’s end strength below 450,000 personnel could harm the service’s readiness and effectiveness in a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape.
Socom Eyes Protective Combat Suit 
New Talos combat suit for U.S. special forces would provide ballistic protection as well as monitoring soldiers’ vital signs
U.S. Military Explores UAV Special Ops Needs 

The U.S. Army and other armed services are exploring how to sync their unmanned aircraft with the UAV needs of special operations units in an era of budget cuts, force reductions and a growing array of international challenges.

U.S. Army Pacific Seeks Technologies To Enhance Force Projection 

U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC) is looking for technologies and equipment that will assist force projection in an area of responsibility that includes half the world’s surface area, its commanding general says.

Army Leaders Worldwide Adapt Operations To New Demands 
Armies using new technologies, force structures to counter evolving threats
Smaller Sensors Lead Socom Intel Needs 
While the U.S. Special Operations Command has seen its force size and budget grow despite the current fiscal austerity sweeping Washington, it is looking not for new platforms but for ways of obtaining more data from its existing unmanned air systems, especially small ones such as AeroVironment’s man-portable, hand-launched RQ-11 Raven.

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