Jens Flottau

Jens Flottau
Managing Editor, Commercial Aviation,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Jens leads Aviation Week’s global commercial coverage. He covers program updates and developments at Airbus, and as a frequent long-haul traveler, he often writes in-depth airline profiles worldwide.


He started his journalism career in 1992 as a freelance writer for Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest daily national newspaper and soon specialised in air transport. Jens joined Aviation Week and Aviation Daily in 2000 as one of the European correspondents. Later his role was expanded to cover international air transport. In 2013 he was named Managing Editor Commercial.


Jens frequently appears on radio and TV to comment on industry matters. In 2003, he received the Hugo Junkers Award of the German aviation press for his coverage of Fairchild Dornier’s bankruptcy. He was named the country’s top travel and air transport writer by the Travel Industry Club three times. Jens graduated from the Munich School of Journalism.

737 MAX Crisis Raises Questions About NMA Timing And Definition  5
Boeing’s 737 MAX production cut deepens worries of market-share loss versus the Airbus A320neo and brings strategy considerations to the fore again.
Airbus Names New Executive Committee 
Airbus’ new executive committee, named Apr. 11, is a reflection of its efforts to further streamline senior group management with leadership of the commercial aircraft division.
German ATC Expects More Constraints For Summer 2019 
German air traffic control (ATC) provider Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) expects ATC-caused delays to become worse in the upcoming summer as more flights have to be handled by less controllers.
Obermann Named Airbus Chairman-Designate As Faury Succeeds Enders 
René Obermann is in line to succeed Denis Ranque as chairman of the Airbus board of directors in 2020, completing the European group’s leadership transition.
Airbus Names Obermann Chairman-Designate As Faury Succeeds Enders 
René Obermann is in line to succeed Denis Ranque as chairman of the Airbus board of directors in 2020, completing the European group’s leadership transition.
European Union To Retaliate Against U.S. Tariffs 
The European Union (EU) plans to retaliate against the U.S.—in the long-standing dispute over state support of aircraft development—in front of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Airbus Adds A Sixth Beluga XL 
Airbus is adding a sixth Beluga XL to its internal fleet of large cargo transports to ensure the system is capable of future production rate increases.
Uganda Airlines Firms Order For Two A330-800s 
Airbus secured a second firm order for the A330-800 after Uganda Airlines firmed up an MOU originally announced at the Farnborough Airshow in July 2018.
UK Airlines, Airports Already See Substantial Brexit Impact  1
Even though timing and conditions of Brexit are unclear—as is its impact on air transport regulation—UK airports and airlines say they are already feeling a substantial negative effect on their business.
Air Peace To Become E195-E2 Launch Customer in Africa 
Nigerian carrier Air Peace has placed a firm order for 10 Embraer 195-E2s.
Commentary: WOW Air’s Demise Is A Case Study In Flawed Fleet Decisions  1
The carrier’s collapse is the latest in a series of European airline failures. Mistakes by management are the key reason for its demise.
Enders: Airbus’ UK Factories Could Remain Competitive Post-Brexit 
The outgoing CEO believes Airbus is “as well prepared as it can be” for Brexit, having stockpiled more supplies and components than usual.
Enders: Airbus’ UK factories Could Remain Competitive Post-Brexit 
Airbus’ UK factories “could well remain competitive,” even after Brexit, outgoing CEO Tom Enders said Mar. 29.
Enders: Germany’s Defense Export Rules Risk Isolation 
“We are about to squander European integration,” Airbus CEO Tom Enders said March 29 in Munich. “I am concerned that Germany is isolating itself."
Germania To Be Dissolved As Investors Fail To Materialize 
Bankrupt German leisure airline Germania will be permanently shut down, its administrator Rüdiger Wienberg said Mar. 25.
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