Jennifer Michels

Jennifer Michels
FAA To Restructure, Improve Controller Training 

The FAA must “realign some functions” to change internally to prepare for the future while being the best stewards of the taxpayer’s dollars, says FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. The restructuring includes creating a new office to handle large programming requests, including the NextGen air traffic management system.

It's Official: FAA Funding Extended To Jan. 31

The fight over the fate of the FAA temporarily ended this evening as the Senate reached an agreement to pass a clean FAA reauthorization bill after Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) was persuaded to stop holding up the bill because of provisions he thought were frivolous, and unrelated to aviation.

The bill had been tied to a highway funding bill, which was Coburn’s main objection.

Korean Air Launches First JFK-Asia A380 Flights 

Korean Air Lines will be the first airline to operate a scheduled Airbus A380 flight from New York John F. Kennedy Airport to Asia Aug. 9 on an aircraft that will debut a few in-cabin innovation/revenue-making opportunities.

Senate Working On Last-Ditch Effort To Pass FAA Bill 

At 11:50 a.m. today, the Senate Commerce Committee said it is still working on trying to bring a clean extension of FAA reauthorization to the floor “within the next few hours.”

With Congress preparing to leave for a month-long recess today, the price of keeping the FAA partially shut down will jump to $1 billion, according to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas), the top Republican on transportation matters in the Senate.

Airlines Asked To Stop Profiting From Tax Lapse 

U.S. airlines are being asked to stop profiting from the lapse in federal authority to collect several ticket taxes while the FAA lacks funding because Congress has failed to pass an FAA reauthorization bill, or agree to another extension.

Lawmakers Want Flight Attendants In Crew Screening Program 

U.S. House Homeland Security Committee and subcommittee on transportation members in general are backing the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) announcement last week that it is moving forward on a risk-based passenger screening system, but some demands will be made by Capitol Hill staffers over various security programs in the near future.

Boeing Fears U.S. Could Lose Aerospace Competive Edge 

If the U.S. does not invest in aerospace and technology soon — not to mention find a way to attract students into engineering — it risks losing its competitive edge as the leading country for aviation and aerospace in the world, says Jim Albaugh, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Export Reforms Needed For UAS Development, Blakey Says 

Integrating unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and helping to export them are chief among policy concerns to further the interests of U.S. aerospace and defense companies, says Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Marion Blakey.

AIA CEO Blakey Calls For Investment, Export Reform 

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) President and CEO Marion Blakey wasted no time Thursday in expressing her displeasure with President Obama’s anti-corporate jet comments that came at a time when the U.S. struggles to maintain a leadership role in aerospace and defense.

Unstable Economy, Environmental Regulations Concern Air Cargo 

Looming environmental concerns, other modes of transportation and the economy are keeping air cargo company executives up at night, wondering which of those will cause more harm than rising fuel costs.

Airports See Air Cargo As Route To Revenue Growth 

Logistics experts are looking at computer and refrigeration technology upgrades, reduced home buying and trends in personal spending on everything from clothing to fresh cut flowers to predict the direction of air cargo shipments in the next 10 years. But airports around the globe have only one goal when it comes to air cargo—getting more of it.

PowerJet Sets Up Maintenance Network For SaM146 Engine 

PowerJet, which has developed the SaM146 engine that exclusively powers the Sukhoi SuperJet 100, has developed a customer care unit, called PowerLife, to service the engine.

In addition to the customer support center, PowerLife includes an engine data and documentation center, front- and back-office support, technical support centers out in the field worldwide, spare parts distribution centes and MRO centers and customer staff training.

Regional Carriers Worry About Advancing NextGen, Sesar

Many parallels can be drawn between U.S. and European regionals; both face numerous regulations and fee and taxation issues, and both want to see advances in a next generation of air traffic management coupled with assurances of efficiencies to come that make the investment worth it.

House Oversight Committee Takes On NMB Election Rules 

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, unexpectedly, says it has problems with the new airline and rail union election rules implemented by the National Mediation Board (NMB) last summer, and has tasked the board with providing considerable documentation in a short period concerning its decision to change its interpretation of the rules.

Pratt Canada Sees Need For 90-Seat Turboprops, Developing New Engine

While no regional aircraft manufacturer has committed to a 90-seat turboprop, Pratt & Whitney Canada thinks several operators would launch service with one tomorrow if it existed. So, the engine manufacturer is going to develop a new powerplant for that market.

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