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Jennifer Michels

Jennifer Michels
Bombardier Eyes Expansion In North Africa 

Bombardier Aerospace, which already has facilities in Mexico and Northern Ireland, may be looking to expand even farther from its home base in Quebec. "We are evaluating a low-cost footprint in North Africa to serve that region," says Guy Hachey, president of Bombardier Aerospace.

Industry Leaders Meet At OMB On Pilot Fatigue Rules 

With an FAA-proposed pilot fatigue/crew rest rule stuck since August at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, missing the congressional mandate of Aug. 1 for implementation, Transportation Department Secretary Ray LaHood told Aviation Week yesterday he was heading to OMB at 5:30 p.m. with hopes of solving the problem. He also told a National Press Club audience yesterday that a rule must incorporate not just fatigue but also other safety issues such as training, and “shortly we will be announcing what that is.”

FAA Establishes New Program Management Organization 

Just a day before the U.S. Transportation Department's inspector general issued a report finding the FAA to be at fault for serious cost overruns and schedule delays in deploying the NextGen air traffic modernization system, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt announced the agency will be realigning some functions that should positively impact deployment of systems critical to NextGen.

FAA Needs To More Clearly Articulate Priorities 

The problem with the FAA is not that it doesn't know what its priorities are, it is that it has trouble communicating them, says Matt Hampton, deputy assistant inspector general for aviation & special programs at the U.S. Transportation Department. The FAA must more clearly articulate to appropriators what its three or four top priorities are in this tough funding environment, he said this week at the Air Traffic Control Association's 56th Annual Conference. The FAA has not seen a new reauthorization bill passed since 2007.

Military Aircraft Face Same NextGen Equipage Issues As Civil 

The Department of Defense, a major stakeholder in NextGen, is as worried about aircraft equipage to further automation as its civil counterpart. Steve Pennington, acting executive director for the DOD Policy Board on Federal Aviation, says of the 14,000 aircraft it controls in U.S. airspace “we’ll have mixed equipage for a long time” because it is cost-prohibitive to retrofit older aircraft.

FAA To Create Program Management Office As Part of Restructuring Plan 

The FAA must “realign some functions” to change internally in preparation for the future while being the best stewards of taxpayers’ dollars, said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. The new structure includes creating an office to handle large programming requests, such as the NextGen air traffic management system.

Emirates Airlines Goes On North American 'Lobbying' Road Tour 

Some Emirates Airlines executives, including Andrew Parker, senior VP-public, industry, international and environmental affairs, were in Washington yesterday to meet with the Air Transport Association to explain the airline's position on export financing, a contentious issue for U.S. airlines, which believe their competitors in the Gulf states are receiving unfair subsidies. The entourage then travels north to plead again for more slots from the Canadians. Quietly consulting in the airline's corner is John Byerly, former top aviation negotiator for the U.S.

It’s Official: FAA Funding Extended To Jan. 31 

Congress cleared the 22nd extension of FAA’s authorization last week, averting a possible shutdown that loomed while the Senate battled over whether it should adopt a clean extension.

Action Needed Now On Funding Critical Aviation Programs 

As I was searching for inspiration on how to call for key players to move important aviation legislation forward and start exhibiting true leadership—quite possibly by being the first to compromise or at least by resisting public declarations of the wrongness of their opponents—I came across this quote by Alan Keith of biotechnology firm Genentech: “Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.”

FAA Extension In The Senate Is Déjà Vu All Over Again 

The fight over the fate of the FAA continued Thursday as senators sniped about who is to blame if the agency shuts down again this weekend.

Cargo Security Efforts Favor Risk-Based Approach 

If there is one thing that has become clear since the aviation community was shaken by a printer-cartridge bomb attempt originating in Yemen last October, it is that closer cooperation among the airline industry, freight forwarders and government agencies—and the sharing of timely information—is crucial to improving worldwide security of air freight.

IATA Says More Countries Interested In Secure Freight Supply Chain Standards 

Following successful tests in Malaysia of its Secure Freight pilot program, IATA is ready to expand participation in the program, which aims to set global security standards for the supply chain from shipper to consignee. It has received confirmation from Chile, Egypt, Kenya and Mexico that they are ready to "embrace" it, and the UAE also has shown interest, IATA says.

Aerospace Suppliers Plan Sept. 13 March To Capitol 

Aerospace suppliers will converge on Capitol Hill Sept. 13 from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. to push industry agenda items. The Aerospace Industries Association’s Supplier Management Council meets in Washington Sept. 13-16, and the association also will be encouraging members not coming to Washington to meet with elected officials in their respective states at the same time.

KAL Looking At Los Angeles For A380 

Korean Airlines could be leaning toward Los Angeles as the next market for its Airbus A380s, especially in this economy.

KAL Looking At Los Angeles For A380 

Korean Airlines could be leaning toward Los Angeles as the next market for its Airbus A380s, especially in this economy.

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