Jen DiMascio

Jen DiMascio
Managing Editor, Defense, Space & Security,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Based in Washington, Jen manages Aviation Week’s worldwide defense, space and security coverage.
Prior to taking on her current role, Jen was Aviation Week's Congressional Editor. Jen came to Aviation Week in March 2011 from Politico, where she covered the intersection of defense and politics. She also worked as a reporter and editor for Defense Daily, Inside the Army, The Other Paper and The Columbus Dispatch.
Jen received a Master’s degree in journalism as a Kiplinger Fellow at the Ohio State University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in history and journalism from the University of Michigan.

3-D Joint Venture Billed As Lidar Advancement 
Vricon aims to reduce the cost and increase the speed of 3-D images for the military, intelligence and civilian customers.
Saab, DigitalGlobe Create 3-D Imagery Joint Venture 
Saab and DigitalGlobe are creating a 50-50 joint venture called Vricon that will sell 3D satellite products that take a step beyond current aerial light detection and ranging (lidar) technology.
Program Execution, Ramp-Up Trump New-Order Talk Ahead Of Paris Air Show  2
Few fireworks are expected at Paris this year, but retrenching and refocusing of products will be highlighted in all arenas—commercial, defense, space and technology.
House Would Add Nearly $1 Billion For Space Launch System  7
The bill is expected to support the Obama administration’s $1.1 billion request for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle to carry humans deep into space, including to Mars.
NextGen Compliance, Privatizing Weather Data, an A-10 Pitch and More Cash for SLS 
FAA sticks with ADS-B-Out deadline, House examines new ways to watch weather, Boeing floats international sales of the Warthog and a defense spending bill advances.
Commercial Space-Friendly Legislation Advances In Congress 
The House Science, Space and Technology Committee has approved the Spurring Private Aerospace Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship Act, or SPACE Act, of 2015.
Budget Wars, Middle East Defense And Commercial Space Bills 
Democrats take a stand on defense spending bill; Qatar Airways CEO responds to U.S. airline allegations; lawmakers respond to commercial space industry concerns; and watchdog group opposes limits on Pentagon’s operational test office.
Podcast: Shakeup in the Global Fighter Market 1
Aviation Week defense editors on the recent success of Dassault’s Rafale and Saab’s Gripen fighters and what that means for the rest of the market. Will it spell doom for the Eurofighter Typhoon? Does Boeing’s F-18 have a shot at more orders in Kuwait. And a peek at the upcoming competition for a Turkish fighter.
Deterrence Debate, Shielding NASA from Politics and Wright Dies 
Sen. Feinstein opposes Air Force’s long-range missile; lawmaker aims to take politics out of NASA policy; the end of the Jim Wright era.
The End of the Messenger Mission 
NASA’s Messenger (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging) spacecraft was the first to orbit Mercury. Its mission was to orbit Mercury for one Earth year, but it stayed for more than four years, making new scientific discoveries about the planet closest to the Sun.
Podcast: The Rise of the Civilian UAV Industry
Until now, the military has driven development of unmanned aerial vehicles. But the U.S. Navy X-47B’s recent aerial refueling demonstration could be a transition point for the fledgling industry, in which commercial players are increasingly pushing the technical edge.
Keeping A-10s, Cutting Earth Science, Securing Cockpits, Caucusing Inventors 
Lawmakers keep A-10 aircraft but cut NASA climate science; the FAA learns of cyber vulnerabilities; and inventors band together.
Lawmakers Vote To Block Air Force From Retiring A-10s 
The Air Force’s attempts to retire the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft may again be thwarted.
Lawmakers Vote To Uphold Additional Funding For F-35s 
Along with another $1 billion for the F-35, the HASC proposes adding $1.15 billion to buy 12 additional F/A-18 Super Hornets and $682.7 million for the A-10 Thunderbolt II, which the U.S. Air Force seeks to retire.
HASC Subcommittee Markup Strengthens U.S. Naval Forces 
The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces’ markup of the Defense Department’s fiscal 2016 authorization bill looks to bolster U.S. Naval forces across the board.
Special Topics
May 28, 2015

Videos: F-35B Operational Test Trials 2

Aviation Week's Pentagon Editor witnessed aviation history aboard USS Wasp for the first-ever F-35B Operational Test (OT-1) trials off the coast of North Carolina. Watch her videos....More
May 22, 2015

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Descends Toward Asteroid Ceres for Closer Look at Bright Spots

Images gathered May 16 with cameras from an altitude of 4,500 miles have again prompted speculation the spacecraft has spotted ice deposits on the 600 mile wide minor planet....More
May 18, 2015

Fire In the Cabin 2

While installing a fireplace in a cabin clearly would be a bad idea, Lufthansa Technik develops a technology that uses illuminated water mist with an image of burning wood to create a fireplace for VIP aircraft....More
May 15, 2015

Cardington: Britain’s Airship Heritage 2

Construction of Cardington’s Number 1 shed, currently housing the HAV project, began in 1916 when Construction of Cardington’s No. 1 shed, currently housing the HAV project, began in 1916 when Short Brothers was awarded an Admiralty contract for the development of dirigible airships....More
May 11, 2015

NavWeek: China Coastal Catch 8

China last year accelerated its plans to “reclaim” areas like the Spratly Islands, and the Asian giant is banking on its coast guard to protect its disputed maritime stakes in the region, according to the Pentagon....More

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