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Joe Anselmo

Joe Anselmo
Editor-in-Chief / Executive Director of Content, Aviation Week Network,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Joe Anselmo has been Editorial Director of the Aviation Week Network and Editor-in-Chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology since 2013. Based in Washington, D.C., he directs a team of more than two dozen aerospace journalists across the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Under his leadership, Aviation Week has won numerous accolades for its in-depth reporting and deep dives into aerospace technology, including the 2017 Grand Neal award for “Top Brand/Overall Editorial Excellence,” business-to-business journalism’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. Writers from the Aviation Week Network also took home six honors at the 2018 Aerospace Media Awards in London.

In 2015, Anselmo and his team spearheaded a digital initiative that provides subscribers with fresh content every day via mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers. To mark Aviation Week’s 100th anniversary in 2016, the publication’s entire archive – more than 440,000 pages of articles, images, covers and advertisements – was digitized into a searchable online archive. Aviation Week also has accelerated its push into digital media with regular podcasts, videos, data features, infographics and eBooks.

Anselmo has more than 25 years of experience as an editor and reporter with Aviation Week, Congressional Quarterly and the Washington Post Company. He has won three Aerospace Journalist of the Year awards. A graduate of Ohio University, he was elected three times to the National Press Club’s Board of Governors, including one term as board chairman.

Podcast: A Peek at Aviation’s Future 
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University President Barry Butler discusses innovation and the red-hot jobs market with our visiting editors. 
Podcast: Challenges for Southwest, SpaceX and C4ISR
It’s been a busy week in aviation and aerospace as Southwest Airlines rethinks the future of its Boeing 737 fleet, SpaceX launches dozens of satellites, and L-3’s co-founder makes a C4ISR play.
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Our editors take the pulse of the industry at Aviation Week’s Mergers and Acquisitions Conference.
Podcast: Boeing On The Hot Seat
Aviation Week editors discuss Dennis Muilenburg’s performance before Congress and what Europe’s top aviation regulator says about the Max returning to flight.
Podcast: Why the U.S. Military Can’t Go It Alone
Pentagon veteran Steve Grundman joins Aviation Week editors to discuss the state of U.S. cooperation with military allies
Podcast: Can the Aerospace Industry Shake its White, Male Image? 12
Eric Fanning, president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association joins Aviation Week editors to discuss the results of this year’s Aviation Week/AIA/AIAA workforce study.
Podcast: Is the UAM Market Overhyped?
Graham Warwick and Richard Aboulafia got together to discuss how big the UAM market will be. Will there be fireworks, or harmony? Listen and find out.
The UFO Debate: Revenge of the Aliens? 79
Debate about whether UFOs existed – and the Pentagon was covering up their existence -- was covered extensively in Aviation Week & Space Technology more than 50 years ago. And our reporting had a decidedly anti-extra-terrestrial bent.
Podcast: Highlights from the Paris Air Show
What did we see and what was missing at the Paris Air Show?  Listen in as our editors discuss the highs and lows from the biannual aerospace industry gathering at Le Bourget.
Harris, L3 Expect Big Changes On Day 1 After Merger
One of the first casualties of the merger of the communications and sensing companies will be L3’s headquarters in New York City, which will be consolidated with Harris’ existing facility in Melbourne, Florida.
Booming Industry, Quiet Le Bourget

Aviation gurus Richard Aboulafia of Teal Group and Accenture’s John Schmidt join Aviation Week Editorial Director Joe Anselmo to take a look under the hood at this year’s Paris Air Show. Watch as they discuss everything from aircraft orders to artificial intelligence. 

Gomes Neto Outlines Future Embraer Strategy
Embraer remains “committed to the defense and executive jets business,” the company’s new CEO Francisco Gomes Neto told Aviation Week.
Boeing Chief Dennis Muilenburg Talks MAX, NMA, 777X And Automation  16
Boeing CEO says safety “has always been at our core, but our values around quality, integrity and safety have come even more to the forefront."
Inviting Innovators: Nominations Are Open For 2020 Laureates
Let us know who is worthy of the more than 40 awards in defense, commercial aviation, space, business aviation and lifetime achievement.
Podcast: United Technologies, Raytheon and the A&D M&A
Practically no one saw it coming, but everyone could feel its implications. What does a possible Raytheon Technologies mean for A&D?
U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis Cautions Against Cutting Defense Budget
December 3, 2018

While we always appreciate comments from our readers, you guys are being rough. Yes, this is mixing apples and oranges. But in Lee Hudson's defense, she was quoting Secretary...

Donald E. Fink, Pilot And Aviation Week Editor, Dies
June 22, 2018

A memory from Ken Gazzola, Aviation Week's publisher/president from 1988-2006.

Don was the consummate journalist and gentleman.

I remember when I attended my...

Tariff Dispute Underscores Boeing Reliance On China
March 15, 2018

Actually, it is not a misleading comment. Both Boeing's Randy Tinseth and Spirit's Tom Gentile say that one out of every three 737s is sold to a Chinese customer.


Commercial Spending Will Lead MRO Field In 2018
January 2, 2018

Thanks for noting. It was indeed a typo and has been corrected.

The UFO Debate: Revenge of the Aliens?
December 22, 2017

The obit exists in our digital archive. There is a link to it in the piece above.

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