By Henry Canady

By Henry Canady
GE Extends Reach With Snake-Arm
With a reach of more than three meters and a cumulative bend of up to 225 degrees, snake-arm robots are ideal for working in tight spots.
High-Velocity Maintenance In Action
Vipit Agrawal, technical vice president of PTC, says high-velocity aircraft maintenance is very valuable and eminently achievable.
IFS Buys MXI Technologies
In a deal that dramatically reshapes the aircraft maintenance information technology environment, the enterprise resource planning provider IFS will acquire Mxi Technologies, which makes Maintenix software for defense and commercial airlines, maintenance, repair and overhaul shops and aviation manufacturers.
Optomec Improves Additive Repair Technique
Optomec is steadily improving the performance and cost of a 3D printing technique well-suited to repairing metal parts on aircraft.
Interior Core Materials Demand To Grow 9%, Consultancy Says
The consultancy MarketsandMarkets predicts that demand for aerospace interior core materials—honeycomb, foam and balsa—will grow at more than 9% annually to $220 million by 2021.
IATA Sees MRO Costs Increasing, Despite New Techniques 
Although new technologies show promise for reducing MRO expenses, maintenance costs are still increasing.
Firms Cooperate On Inflight Connectivity To Report MRO Issues Faster 
Getting the heads-up about maintenance defects while the aircraft is still in the air could reduce delays and potentially save airlines millions of dollars each year.
Asian Carriers Pull Together for Rough Ride 

Major Asian airlines are attempting to strengthen coordination among themselves and with Western aviation authorities to enhance safety, but the financial stresses that are pressuring the operations of several carriers may hinder major new developments.

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