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Graham leads Aviation Week's coverage of technology, focusing on engineering and technology across the aerospace industry, with a special focus on identifying technologies of strategic importance to aviation, aerospace and defense. 

Born and educated in Scotland, he graduated in aeronautical engineering and worked in advanced design at Hawker Siddeley Aviation in the U.K. before becoming an aerospace journalist. Before joining Aviation Week in April 2008, he spent almost 30 years with weekly aerospace news magazine Flight International, most recently as Americas Editor based in the U.S. 

Graham is a winner of the Decade of Excellence award for aviation journalism, and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 Aerospace Media Awards.

In 2013 the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Technical Content was awarded to Graham Warwick and Guy Norris for their Advanced Propulsion feature.

Germany’s DLR To Demo In-Air Rocket Capture 
Reusability for SpaceX means bringing the first stage of its Falcon 9 launch vehicle back to a vertical landing on land or a ship at sea. For Europe, it could mean capturing the rocket stage while it is still in flight.
DARPA’s ‘Disruptioneering’ Approach To Rapid Projects 
Citing the accelerating pace of discovery in science and technology, DARPA is launching a new approach to rapid projects.
BAE Develops Automated Decision Support for Air Battle Planners 
BAE Systems is testing a software program for the U.S. Air Force to effectively distribute air battle planning and monitoring, and projections for the outcome, under a DARPA program.
Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant Makes Delayed First Flight 
Sikorsky and Boeing accomplished the delayed first flight of the SB-1 Defiant high-speed helicopter on March 21 at West Palm Beach, Florida.
Unmanned Cargo Glider Extends Aerial Delivery Standoff  1
Startup Logistics Gliders is flight-testing a disposable cargo-delivery aircraft for DARPA and the U.S. Marine Corps.
DARPA Wants To Assemble, Demo Nuclear Rocket in Orbit  11
DARPA plans to demonstrate a nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) system that can be assembled on orbit to expand U.S. operating presence in cislunar space.
DARPA Budget Expands Hypersonic Boost-Glide Weapon Demo 
DARPA is seeking a significant increase in funding in fiscal 2020 for the Tactical Boost Glide (TBG) hypersonic weapon demonstration program.
DARPA Plans Active Flow Control Flight Demonstrator 
Demoing an aircraft that can fly and maneuver with no moving control surfaces, instead using active flow control, is the objective of a new program DARPA plans to begin in fiscal 2020.
BAE Distributes Air Battle Planning for DARPA 
Under DARPA's Rspace program, BAE is developing software decision aids to help air operations staff assess an air battle plan, monitor progress in real time and continuously project the outcome as it unfolds.
The Boeing 737 MAX MCAS Explained  68
How Boeing’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System for the 737 MAX works.
Single-Use Cargo UAV Demoed For DARPA, USMC  11
A disposable unmanned cargo glider designed to enable aircraft to resupply fast-moving ground forces over greater distances has entered a new phase of flight testing.
The Week In Technology, March 18-22, 2019  2
NASA’s Aeronautics budget; CityAirbus debuts; UTC’s hybrid-electric demo; Rolls’ hybrid tests; Skyways delivers; structural battery; low-drag nacelles
Rolls Tests Hybrid-Electric Propulsion In New Development Approach 
Rolls-Royce has ground-tested a hybrid-electric propulsion system based on its widely-used Model 250 helicopter turboshaft, paving the way for experimental flights in 2021.
Rolls Tests Hybrid-Electric Propulsion In New Development Approach 
Rolls-Royce has ground-tested a hybrid-electric propulsion system based on its widely-used Model 250 helicopter turboshaft, paving the way for experimental flights in 2021.
Programmable Structures Could Unlock Potential Of Morphing Wings  4
NASA’s rapid feasibility project demonstrates ultralight cellular structures that can be programmed during assembly to enable a wing to adapt its shape in flight
NASA Aero Funding Raises Questions About Future X-planes
March 13, 2019

Read the story. It clearly says the concern is with funding available for future X-planes, not the existing X-57 and X-59 programs. Future means yet to come, the X-57 and X-59...

Boeing Refines Truss-Braced-Wing Airliner Concept
February 1, 2019

The hinges are outboard, the legs retract into the horizontal part where the strut meets the fuselage and the wheels are housed in the fuselage.

Research Suggests A320 Mission Difficult for Distributed Hybrid-Electric
January 29, 2019

No multiple gearboxes. In Rolls-Royce's Electrically Variable Engine concept, the motor/generator is integrated with the shaft driving the power gearbox that drives the fan....

Single-person Multicopter Touted As Soldier Transport
December 13, 2018

Their answer is they can use eight motors if redundancy is required - which I am pretty sure would be for manned operation

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