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Graham leads Aviation Week's coverage of technology, focusing on engineering and technology across the aerospace industry, with a special focus on identifying technologies of strategic importance to aviation, aerospace and defense. 


Born and educated in Scotland, he graduated in aeronautical engineering and worked in advanced design at Hawker Siddeley Aviation in the U.K. before becoming an aerospace journalist. Before joining Aviation Week in April 2008, he spent almost 30 years with weekly aerospace news magazine Flight International, most recently as Americas Editor based in the U.S. 


Graham is a winner of the Decade of Excellence award for aviation journalism, and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


In 2013 the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Technical Content was awarded to Graham Warwick and Guy Norris for their Advanced Propulsion feature.

UAS Standards Group Releases Initial, Limited Standards 
In a key step toward opening up airspace to unmanned aircraft, standards developer RTCA has published interim standards for detect-and-avoid systems and command-and-control links. But they are only first steps.
U.S. Army’s JMR Rotorcraft Demonstrators Advance 
Sikorsky Boeing’s SB-1 Defiant high-speed rotorcraft advances toward final assembly as Bell V-280 Valor begins to take shape.
Congress Pushes To Hold UAS Operators Accountable For Safety 
Options ranging from requiring registration of unmanned aircraft through requiring operator testing mandatory jail sentences for reckless flying raised at Congressional hearing on UAV safety.
Darpa Wants Vanishing Delivery UAV For Spec Ops 
Small special-operations teams that want to leave no trace are key customers for the system, as are disaster-relief teams in need of delivery vehicles that do not require unpacking and transporting.
FAA To Test UAV Detection System 
The FAA will evaluate technology to detect unmanned aircraft near airports under a Pathfinder program with developer CACI International.
Lockheed Advances Fiber Laser For U.S. Army Demo 
Lockheed Martin is looking ahead to U.S. Air Force and Navy directed-energy weapons requirements as it begins manufacture of a 60-kW electric-fiber-laser system for a U.S. Army demonstration.
Congress Pushes For Stiffer Penalties To Boost UAV Safety 
Congress is pushing for a simple and quick solution to illegal incursions by unmanned aircraft into airspace around airports, proposing ideas at a grueling Oct. 7 hearing that ranged from forcing buyers to register their drones to mandatory jail sentences for reckless operators.
Congress Considers UAV Safety Measures 
The central theme of the hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure’s aviation subcommittee was the rapid rise in pilot reports of UAV sightings, particularly within airspace around airports.
Brazil To Use Logos Wide-Area Sensor For Olympic Security 
Wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) is to be used for airborne security at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, in what could be the first international use of technology first fielded by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Battle To Reengine UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache Begins  11
General Electric’s T700 is one of the most-produced military engines. Now the U.S. Army has launched a competition to replace the popular turboshaft and reengine its AH-64 Apaches and UH-60 Black Hawks.
FAA Proposes $1.9M Fine For Illegal UAS Operations 
The FAA has proposed a $1.9 million civil penalty against SkyPan International for conducting 65 UAS flights between March 2012 and December 2014 in congested airspace over New York and Chicago.
FAA Proposes Largest Fine Yet For Illegal UAS Operations 
A Chicago-based aerial imaging company specializing in photography of vacant properties has been hit with potentially the biggest fine yet for operating commercial unmanned aircraft recklessly and endangering airspace safety.
First Interim Standards For Unmanned Aircraft Unveiled  1
The U.S. aviation group charged with developing standards to enable unmanned aircraft to fly in unrestricted airspace has completed the first documents for key systems, but cautions they are limited in scope and application.
First Interim UAS Standards Released By RTCA 
The U.S. aviation group charged with developing standards to enable unmanned aircraft to fly in unrestricted aircraft has completed the first documents for key systems, but cautions they are limited in scope and application.
Sikorsky-Boeing JMR Demo On Track For 2016 Assembly 
The system integration laboratory for the team’s SB-1 Defiant demonstrator will fire up this year, followed in 2016 by the propulsion system test bed for the rigid coaxial-rotor compound helicopter.

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