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Guy Norris

Guy Norris
Senior Editor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Guy is a Senior Editor for Aviation Week, based in Los Angeles. Before joining Aviation Week in 2007, Guy was with Flight International, first as technical editor based in the U.K. and most recently as U.S. West Coast editor. Before joining Flight, he was London correspondent for Interavia, part of Jane's Information Group.

In 2013 the Jesse H. Neal award for Best Technical Content was awarded to Guy Norris and Graham Warwick for their Advanced Propulsion feature. He received the 2015 Lauren D. Lyman Award for outstanding achievement in aerospace communications. And in 2018 he was awarded Technology Writer of the Year by the judges of the Aerospace Media Awards.

Guy is also a multiple winner of the Royal Aeronautical Society Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award in the Air Transport, Propulsion and Systems/Technology categories, and in 2006 he received the Royal Aeronautical Society Decade of Excellence Award for sustained achievement in aerospace journalism.

Amongst other works Guy has authored the aerospace section of a science encyclopedia and co-authored, and produced an educational aviation CD-ROM. Guy has also authored more than a dozen books on the histories of Airbus, Boeing and other airframe manufacturers.

Modified Embraer 170 Will Take On Wider Honeywell Test Role 
From advanced turbofans to UAM avionics, Honeywell’s flying testbeds are gearing up for expansion.
Honeywell’s Convair Testbed Bows Out Of Service 
Honeywell’s Convair CV-580 flying testbed has had a career that included a key role in the evolution of industry’s most important safety avionics developments.
First Production Standard Virgin Spaceship Comes Together 
As Virgin Galactic continues to transition flight testing to its New Mexico operations site, the company’s sister production unit, The Spaceship Company, has announced completion of fuselage and wing mating for the spaceline’s second suborbital vehicle at its Mojave site in California.
China Tensions Pose Growing Widebody Risk To Boeing 
Boeing is noting publicly that orders from China form a key element of its planning for future production totals and assembly rates, but there could be issues.
Depressurization Has ‘No Significant Impact’ on 777X Plan 
Boeing plays down loads test incident on 777X as engine update remains top priority
China Tensions Pose Growing Widebody Risk To Boeing 
Boeing is warning that escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China, its largest single market, may soon threaten prospective aircraft sales, particularly those of the company’s lucrative twinjet 777 and 787 families.
The Week In Technology, Sept. 9-13, 2019 
Africa’s Yamaha drones; disposable combat aircraft; Volocopter in Finland trial; eVTOL concepts pass 200 mark; Tempest-D looks at Hurricane Dorian.
Honeywell Fine Tunes ADS-B-based Runway Incursion Safety System 
Future flight deck studies focus on finalizing features of Honeywell onboard traffic and alerting system to avoid runway incursions
Boeing Suspends 777X Loads Tests After Pressure Failure  16
Final loads testing on Boeing’s 777-9 has been suspended after the failure of a cargo door during pressurization evaluations on the static test airframe at Everett, Wash.
Norwegian Hybrid Rocket Scales Up  2
Nammo hybrid sounding rocket and smallsat launch family plan moves to next phase after Nucleus demonstrator test.
SpaceX Starhopper Test Paves Way For Starship 
Little hops and huge goals: SpaceX’s Starhopper test flight marks first step on path to next-generation Starship launch family and inter-planetary missions.
Starhopper Verifies Raptor Performance For Starship  31
Little hops and huge goals: SpaceX’s Starhopper test flight marks first step on path to next-generation Starship launch family and inter-planetary missions.
NASA Seeks Commercial Lunar Cargo Partners 
Launch services firms may become the space-based trucking companies of the future as NASA accelerates its Lunar Gateway plan.
Rolls-Royce Begins E-Fan X Generator Tests 
Engineers in Norway have started ground tests of a compact 2.5-megawatt generator, marking a key milestone towards flight tests of the Airbus and Rolls-Royce E-Fan X hybrid-electric demonstrator in 2021.
Podcast: Propulsion—The Power Behind Aviation (and Space)
Advances in aerospace vehicles almost always follow advances in propulsion. And propulsion technology continues to advance, creating new opportunities. So what is in store for the future? Attending the AIAA Propulsion & Energy conference in Indianapolis, senior editor Guy Norris and technology editor Graham Warwick discuss possibilities ranging from nuclear rockets to electric aircraft.

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