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Royal Navy Frigate Expensive But Effective at ASW 
With the Type 26 frigate, the Royal Navy commits to procuring the best platform for ASW and other multirole operations.
U.K. All The Way For Defense Procurement  1
Higher defense spending plans and a preference for U.K. manufacturers lift mood of DSEI exposition in London.
Versatility, Relevance Add Life To Weapons And Platforms  1
Despite many procurement disappointments, there are also many examples of defense programs which have worked as planned and have stood the test of time.
Cut-And-Run May Be A Strategy For German Contractors 
In just six months Germany’s defense industry has gone from top of the heap to deep in the dumps.
Cheap Oil Does Not Deter Middle East Procurement 
Oil prices are not yet having an impact on Middle Eastern states, although that could change if the decline lasts for years.
Saab Adds Capabilities In New Recoilless Rifle 
Man-portable weapon upgrades were featured by Saab Dynamics at its recent industry day
Army Chief Remakes Swedish Force  1
Swedish army’s chief of staff is restructuring the service as a modern force.
Navies Promote Small Warship Tech Upgrades 

As the U.S. Navy struggles to define a new variant of its Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), a smaller, better-armed, multi-role warship is in production. Analysts expect 50-60 of these to be built, while the LCS fleet has been cut to 32 from 52 pending approval of the modified version. Unfortunately for the U.S. Navy, the new and smaller vessel is Chinese. 

Europe: Who’s Responding To Russia, Who’s Not 
Russia’s actions provoke defense rethink
Diverse Systems Emerge Against Missile Threat 

Ballistic missiles have often been a threat with a bigger bark than bite, mostly due to poor accuracy that renders them militarily ineffective unless armed with mass-destruction warheads. But, as reported last month (AW&ST Feb. 17, p. DT3), Israeli missile-defense expert Uzi Rubin expects a rapid proliferation of higher-precision weapons before 2020.

New And Evolving Platforms Enhance Sea Patrol
U.K. and France rebuild sea-surveillance capabilities.
Britain Adapts To Fresh Crop Of Transports

By around 2020, the U.K. will have almost completely renewed its air transport and refueling fleet.

U.K. Changes Helicopter Support Practice
Sharper support for British helicopters
NATO’s Afghan Drawdown Poses Logistics Challenges

Moving equipment efficiently and economically during NATO's drawdown in Afghanistan poses serious challenges to the major players deployed there.

“Everyone fixated on rushing kit into theater. Getting it back is left to chance,” says one British logistics planner.

European Military MRO Is Leaving U.S. Behind
Budgets drive Europeans to adapt military support contracts
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