Frank Morring, Jr.

Frank Morring, Jr.
Senior Editor, Space,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Frank is a Senior Editor and has been a journalist for 40 years, specializing in aerospace for over 20 years. Frank joined Aviation Week in 1989 as a defense/space reporter and senior space technology editor. In 2007 he was named deputy managing editor/space, responsible for coordinating space coverage across all bureaus and publications. 
Frank began his career working for his hometown daily in Huntsville, Alabama, and moved to Washington in 1979 as correspondent for the Birmingham Post-Herald. He later covered the Cold War Pentagon for Scripps-Howard News Service. 
Frank received a degree in comparative literature from Dartmouth College. He has Goddard and Von Braun media awards from the National Space Club, and a Neal Award.

Search For Alien Life Moving Beyond Mars  18
Engineers and scientists are beginning to plan a program of robotic exploration over the next two decades to look for life on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Europa, the large icy moon of Jupiter, is first on the list.
NASA Orders Crew Launch From SpaceX 
SpaceX has its first order from NASA for a crew launch to the International Space Station under its Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) with the U.S. space agency.
NASA, Companies Form Partnerships For ‘Tipping-Point’ Technologies 
Twenty-two private U.S. companies have joined forces with NASA to advance development of technologies considered at the “tipping point” of readiness for use in space exploration.
JPL Sets Test Of Mars UAV For 2020 Rover 
Engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory plan to chamber-test a 1-kg UAV early next year that could wind up flying as a scout for the rover in development for the 2020 planetary launch opportunity.
Budget Drives Lawmakers To Explore Private Earthsats 
House members are looking for ways to harness commercial spacecraft for weather forecasting and other Earth-observation applications traditionally operated by the government.
Spacecraft Data Show Change Is Universal  10
Improved observation data from various spacecraft confirm that Earth is changing, as other planets have, and not necessarily for the better.
NASA-Furnished Propulsion Slows Orion ESM Work At Airbus  6
Airbus Defense and Space is facing schedule challenges as it develops a European service module that will power the NASA Orion crew capsule, including documentation issues for Shuttle-era propulsion systems and NASA safety concerns over redundancy.
New Legislation Seen Smoothing Path To Lunar Mining 
The compromise commercial-space law that received final congressional approval Monday night includes a provision that would-be space miners see as making it easier for them to raise funds and clear regulatory hurdles.
SLS Rocket Could Help Scientists Answer Big Questions  35
NASA is betting that the search for the signatures of life can be enhanced by the massive Space Launch System now being built.
Data Show Glacier Melt In Greenland Accelerating
Studies over Greenland reveal the warming atmosphere and ocean around it are hastening the rate at which the massive glaciers covering the landmass are melting.
New Climate Satellite Tackles Carbon Sinks 
Representatives to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris beginning Nov. 30 will have access to the first year of data from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory -2.
Compromise U.S. Bill Smooths Path For Commercial-Space Activities 
Congress is moving toward final passage of a wide-ranging compromise commercial-space bill.
Dream Chaser's Cargo Version Could Get Boost From NASA  4
NASA evaluators appear to have winnowed the field for future ISS cargo contractors to the commercial-cargo capsules already operated by CRS-1 contractors Orbital ATK and SpaceX and an unmanned cargo version of the Sierra Nevada Corp. Dream Chaser reusable lifting body.
Notional SLS Mission Manifest Already Reaches Mars  6
Ideas abound as NASA takes a deeper look at how it will use the big new Saturn V-class Space Launch System in the 2020s and beyond.
Boeing Dropped From 2nd ISS Cargo Resupply Competition 
Boeing's CST-100 Starliner is out of the running for NASA’s second Commercial Resupply Services (CRS-2) contract.

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