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Frank Morring, Jr.

Frank Morring, Jr.
Senior Editor, Space,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Frank retired in June 2017. Prior to his retirement he was a Senior Editor at Aviation Week and has been a journalist for 44 years, specializing in aerospace for over 20 years. Frank joined Aviation Week in 1989 as a defense/space reporter and senior space technology editor. In 2007 he was named deputy managing editor/space, responsible for coordinating space coverage across all bureaus and publications. 


From Cold War Space Race To Evolving ‘Moon Village’  6
A return to the lunar surface may require the work of multiple nations and companies with competing interests.
John Glenn's 1962 Mercury Pilot Report
In 1962, pioneering astronaut and former U.S. Sen. John Glenn wrote a pilot report for Aviation Week after his historic and harrowing flight in Mercury’s Friendship 7.
Podcast: The Future of Heavy-Lift Space Launchers 20
Who will make it to Mars first? NASA, or the new entrepreneurs? Listen in as our editors discuss.
Advanced In-Space Propulsion Seen As Key For Human Missions 
NASA must continue to invest in high-performance human spacecraft propulsion beyond Earth orbit if its exploration goals are to be realized, experts told House lawmakers Thursday.
A Space Reporter’s Swan Song After 44 Years On The Beat 61
Looking back on a career illuminated by a love of words, science and the sheer excitement of the promise and peril of space exploration.
Civil/Military Aerospace Split Has Outlived Its Usefulness  64
Compared to the cold radioactive vacuum of space, survival in combat is a piece of cake.
Women Have Advantages As Astronauts, But History Gives Men A Head Start  29
The imbalance of male-female U.S. astronauts dates to President Dwight Eisenhower’s belief that military pilots were best qualified to fly in space.
After Flying With New Engine, Antares Cleared For Heavier Loads 
Orbital ATK has eased the margins on its Antares launch vehicle after the performance it turned in last fall with a new Russian-built rocket engine.
Trump Climate-Change Move Shows Contempt For NASA  43
For all the showmanship and hyperbole about reusable 100-passenger spaceships, there is something real behind Musk’s vision.
SpaceX Dragon Delivers First Chinese Experiments To ISS 
Among experiments reaching the International Space Station on the first SpaceX Dragon capsule to revisit the orbiting outpost is a 3.5-kg experiment provided by the Beijing Institute of Technology that will study the effects of the in-space environment on genes.
Trump May Be Privatizing Public Space Technology  1
The Trump administration’s attempt to opt out of the Restore-L project and transfer its technology to the private sector is raising questions and objections.
New NASA Budget Closely Tracks Old One  1
While most of Trump’s first NASA budget mimics the Obama administration’s, there are some important differences in emphasis, such as climate science.
NASA Spins Asteroid Robotics Out To Industry  1
Despite being cut from the budget request by the Trump administration, robotics developed by NASA will still be of great use to the space industry.
ISS Demonstrates Possibilities Of Low-cost Launch  19
By making launch more affordable, SpaceX hopes to open the door to wider experimentation in space.
NASA Budget Trims Satellite-Servicing, Earth Science 
President Donald Trump’s $19.1 billion fiscal 2018 spending request for NASA achieves a 0.8% decrease from current levels by terminating a robotic satellite-servicing demonstration mission and, as expected, trimming Earth-science missions.

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