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Fred George

Fred George
Chief Aircraft Evaluation Editor,
Business & Commercial Aviation

Fred is a senior editor and chief pilot with Business & Commercial Aviation and Aviation Week's chief aircraft evaluation pilot. He has flown left seat in virtually every turbine-powered business jet produced in the past three decades.

He has flown more than 195 makes, models and variants, ranging from the Piper J-3 Cub through the latest Boeing and Airbus large twins, logging more than 7,000 hours of flight time. He has earned an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and six jet aircraft type ratings, and he remains an active pilot. Fred also specializes in avionics, aircraft systems and pilot technique reports.

Fred was the first aviation journalist to fly the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and Gulfstream G650, among other new turbofan aircraft. He’s also flown the Airbus A400M, Howard 500, Airship 600, Dassault Rafale, Grumman HU-16 Albatross and Lockheed Constellation.

Prior to joining Aviation Week, he was an FAA designated pilot examiner [CE-500], instrument flight instructor and jet charter pilot and former U.S. Naval Aviator who made three cruises to the western Pacific while flying the McDonnell-Douglas F-4J Phantom II.

Fred has won numerous aviation journalism awards, including NBAA’s David W. Ewald Platinum Wing Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pilot Report: HondaJet Elite 
The second-generation HondaJet Elite speaks reams about the long-term commitment of Michimasa Fujino, founding president and CEO of Honda Aircraft to perfecting his pioneering light jet.
Dassault Falcon 8X: A Trijet Honed To Perfection 
Falcon 8X operators are virtually unanimous in saying that the Dassault flagship is a substantial improvement over the smaller Falcon 7X.
King Air 350i: Fill The Seats, Fill The Tanks And Feel The Difference 
Beechcraft King Air 350i, the second-generation Model B300, is significantly quieter, more comfortable and more capable than the original aircraft.
Seat Surrender, Having Time To Do It Right 
In accepting To Do’s, the best of intentions can lead to big trouble.
Is Sim Training Sufficient?: What You Don’t Learn At The Schoolhouse  3
While Part 142 sim training is essential, it is clearly not all-encompassing instruction for safe flying.
High-Altitude Haute Cuisine: Providing It Isn’t Trivial Or Inexpensive 
High-ticket catering doesn’t fit every business aircraft operator’s budget. If fine cuisine is expected, expect that to be reflected in the final tab.
Hawker 900XP: Ultimate Redux For The Grand Duchess De Havilland 
The Hawker 900XP, the 19th and final iteration of the 1960 de Havilland DH125, the original midsize business jet, clearly was the strongest performer.
Podcast: Live from EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh
The annual Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture focuses on innovation and battery powered aircraft. Listen as Fred George and Molly McMillin report live from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Learjet 75: Third-Generation Leaves Competitors Below And Behind  1
Learjet 75 has been in production since November 2013 and flies higher, faster and farther than competitive light jets.
Confronted By The 'Children Of The Magenta Line' In Medicine  3
Serious pilots have to monitor the performance of doctors and computers in exam rooms as carefully as they do with other pilots and computers in the cockpit.
RNP Procedures Potentially Eliminate Need For High-Risk Approaches 
There are few technical barriers to replacing circling approaches with RNP procedures at many general aviation airports.
Citation CJ4: Simple Citation Reliability, 1,900 nm With Four Pax 
For under $6 million, you can buy a single-pilot Citation that can fly four passengers across the U.S. and land 7 min. after a Learjet 45XR on the same mission.
Podcast: Business Aviation Under Siege 3
Safety and security have always been a given in the business aviation industry. Now, attention has turned to adding sustainability to the mix, with alternative jet fuel leading the news at EBACE this year. Also, in the aftermath of the Boeing MAX crashes, are changes needed to the ODA process? Listen in as our editors discuss this and more from Geneva, Switzerland.
MCAS Accident Factors: Training, Airmanship, Experience Deficiencies  17
While MCAS is unique to the MAX, all in aviation can derive important safety lessons for their own operations from the tragedies.
Airplane Outlook For 2019 
Turbine aircraft sales historically have tracked with economic trends. This no longer is true. Flat is the new normal in turbine business aircraft sales.

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