David J. Spanovich

David J. Spanovich
Engine MROs See Opportunity In Component Repair Development 
MROs seek to reduce costs by developing repair solutions from scratch.
Why Electric Propulsion Could Be Disruptive For MRO 
Electric propulsion for commercial aircraft, once viable, could force massive changes on MRO providers.
ADS-B Out: Suppliers Prepared As 2020 Mandate Looms 
Avionics suppliers are ready, but will operators flying in U.S. or European airspace be able to meet the regulatory deadlines for ADS-B Out?
New Alloys, Coatings, Design Considerations For Wheels 
Balancing costs and benefits of new materials and corrosion-resistant coatings, along with new designs such as boltless wheels, involves making tradeoffs.
Assessing The Engine Aftermarket Capacity Crunch 
Why airlines and operators have a hard time finding used engine material and shop slots, and the future outlook.
Airlines’ DIY Option: Make Your Own Parts 
Owner-operator-produced parts are almost a DIY approach for airlines to get quality parts faster and cheaper.
Multiple Players Optimize Opportunities With Used Serviceable Avionics 
The rising market is sparking interest in parts-trading among avionics OEMs.
Top Aircraft Teardown Contenders 

For the past several years, the aircraft teardown industry has been buffeted by a reduction in the number of aircraft being parted out, as moderate fuel prices and strong air traffic growth have kept midlife aircraft flying under lease extensions or renewals. Coupled with this, investment capital to buy or lease aircraft has been more readily available, increasing competition for existing assets—all across the aircraft life cycle.

Airlines Improving Dispatch Reliability Via Line Maintenance 
Airlines and vendors adapt to shifting line-service needs.
Avionics OEMs Incorporating More Flight-Safety Solutions 
Avionics OEMs target flight safety-focused technologies for the cockpit.
Product Improvement Package Decisions Depend On Cost 
For operators, product improvement packages, which can be retrofittable, should be carefully considered.
Cost-Saving Tips For Engine Maintenance 
For airlines taking delivery of new or remarked aircraft, extensive due diligence is called for to establish an engine lifecycle management plan.
Galleys Are Getting Smarter And More Stylish 9
Galleys being revamped to create better passenger experience and make a visual statement.
Component Warranty Claim Denial Common For Airlines 
Airlines deal with warranty claim denials frequenty. Here’s why and what to do.
Test Equipment Access Increasingly Tied To OEM Partnerships 
OEMs restrict access to testing equipment to grow aftermarket revenues, motivating MRO providers to form partnerships with them.
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