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David Hambling

David Hambling
Relatively Simple UAS Are Enabling Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks  2
The Middle East continues to be a theater of innovation, improvisation and adaptation for both offensive and defensive small drone warfare.
The Houthis’ Year Of The Drone  1
Even without manned air power, small rebel groups in Yemen can deploy small, long-range UAVs.
The Threat Posed By Houthi Rebel UAVs  5
Claims of attacks against critical targets are often overblown or suspect, but should be taken seriously.
Russian Aircraft In Syria Face UAV Barrage 
All year, Russia has been fending off nighttime raids conducted by small, lawnmower-engine-powered aircraft.
Military Tackles Problem And Potential Of Drones 
Commercial off-the-shelf drones are already challenging the traditional military balance betwen aggressor and defender.
Hybrid Power Promises Extended UAS Endurance  3
By combining multiple power sources, small manned aircraft could fly almost indefinitely, unlocking new potential.
Market For Pocket-Sized Surveillance UAS Growing  2
First used in 2013 by British forces in Afghanistan, ultraportable nano-UAVs are growing in capability and applications.
Islamic State’s New Weapon Of Choice: Off-the-Shelf Drones  78
Militants in Iraq and Syria are adapting consumer drones and micro-UAVs for surveillance missions and deadly strikes.
Solar-Powered Flight Finding Practical Application With UAVs  2
Whether hand-launched or high-altitude, unmanned aircraft are turning to solar power to extend endurance for missions such as agricultural surveys and pipeline monitoring, as well as communications and surveillance, which need longer ranges and flight times.
Loitering Munition Availability Expanding Internationally  2
Polish and Turkish companies are among those developing and selling loitering munitions, aka lethal small unmanned aircraft.

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