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David Fulghum

David Fulghum
Elbit Takes The Lead In Cyberwarfare Training
Cyber-range for testing of solutions and training of forces
International Customers Line Up To Peruse Airborne ISR
Israel's special-missions aircraft add complexity and advanced options
Mysteries Of Space And Aviation
Unfinished business in the reporting of classified projects
Against Hamas Rockets, Iron Dome Lives Up To Its Name 

During the 2006 conflict in southern Lebanon, about 25% of the Hezbollah-fired missiles struck populated areas in northern Israel. In the current conflict, while Israeli security is keeping a lid on where the Hamas and Jihadist missiles have landed, the very few deaths reported in Israel—in the single digits—indicate that the first five batteries of the short-range, Iron Dome missile defense system are surprisingly efficient.

Elbit Pushes Automated Intel 

Once spy agencies drove development of advanced investigative cybertechnology, but now banks, credit card companies, PayPal, Google and Yahoo are driving development. The change is benefiting intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies because this new generation of investigative platforms is designed to deal with massive amounts of data.

Elbit's Intelligence and Cyber Solutions unit is aiming its Wise Intelligence Technology (WIT) data manipulation platform at the growing dual-use market that this trend has created.

Elbit Tackles Cyber Command and Control 

A common central idea in defending military, government and commercial networks from cyberattack involves “operating through the attack.” To do so, the defender needs near-real-time awareness of an attacker's methods and targets and the ability to manage consequences on the fly.

Elbit Rushes To Plug Leaks In Industrial Processes 

Computer networks that control crucial industrial and manufacturing processes, and vital energy and water utilities, were once considered immune to cyberattack, because in theory they were “air-gapped,” with no physical connection to the worldwide Internet. But that notion has died as researchers have found obscure Internet connections in virtually every automated system.

U.S. And Israeli Officials Analyze Sudan Attack
The explosion in Khartoum fits with Israel's capabilities.
Analysts Look At A Post-War World 

Nobody is under any illusions about whether an attack on Iran's advanced weapons complex will end that country's advanced weapons threat or intimidate Tehran's government into inaction.

“You have the day after, which some people say [will produce] a regional war, while others expect a calculated, limited Iranian action,” says Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli air force fighter pilot who bombed the nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981 and later became Israel's military intelligence chief. He expects the latter.

New Problem: How To Target Iran’s Nukes
Where are Iran's nuclear weapons facilities and who might suffer retaliation if they are struck?
Another Black-Market Arms Bonanza Could Involve Egypt and Syria 

As the Arab Spring progresses, Israel is being surrounded by what its intelligence community calls Safar—bad lands, wilderness, no man's land. These enclaves are administered by weak governments with limited influence where the rule of law is often absent.

Defense Plays Key Role In Nuclear Balance
A credible nuclear force is complex and costly
Syrian Upgrades Could Bolster Iran Nuclear Facilities
Syria could play a role in defending Tehran's nuclear facilities
‘Dumb’ 2.75 Aerial Artillery Rocket Turns Brilliant 

Since its introduction to combat in Afghanistan in March, about 100 of the U.S. Navy/Marine Corps new low-cost, precision air-launched missiles have been fired at enemy vehicles and troops from AH-1W Cobra and UH-1Y transport helicopters.

U.S. Seeks Quick, Inexpensive Contested Airspace Tools
U.S. and allies launch crash program to field advanced weapons

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