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David Esler

Hurricanes And Aviation: Oceanic Cyclone Threat Growing  3
The most-violent weather phenomena are hurricanes and tornados, and they are getting bigger and more frequent due to climate change.
What Has Changed In Business Aviation Travel To Moscow? 
Business aircraft travel to Moscow in the last two years has fallen by 50% and is continuing at that level the year, says security expert Charlie Leblanc.
Finding Balance Between Work And Personal Life In Business Aviation 
Being on call 24/7 is driving burned-out business aviation pilots to the airlines, and flight departments are reacting.
Harley Haven: 'Small Flight Department That Does Big Things' 
“At Harley-Davidson, we are a small flight department that does big things,” Jad Donaldson, the motorcycle manufacturer’s aviation director, declared.
Left-Side Accounting: How An Aviation Department Creates Value 
To create value while retaining pilots and ensuring a balance between their work and personal lives is a daily challenge for an aviation department manager.
Big Data Can Help Resolve Business Aviation Work-Life Issues 
"The only way to get a good understanding of the problem is data—data that is vigilantly collected and is recorded and retained for further analysis."
As a Utility, Can GPS Afford To Be Open To Malicious Interference?  4
Back in the 1980s, Charlie Trimble, founder of a small navigation equipment firm, predicted GPS would eventually become a utility or essential public service.
Operating In Argentina: Prosperity Appears At Hand 
Buenos Aires and Cordoba are the magnet destinations of the majority of business aviation flights to Argentina, while a lesser number head to the huge country’s many scenic wonders.
Seeing Red Over ‘Gray’: Illegal Air Charter Endangers The Public  1
The assessment of a $3.3 million fine against a business aircraft operator for performing hundreds of bogus charters has put U.S. aviation communities on notice.
Rolls-Royce’s Cultured Pearl: Engine Maker’s Latest Bizav Entry 
There has never been a time in business aviation when the manufacturers of intercontinental business jets have had so many high-performance engine options.
Electrifying Business Aviation, Part 2 
“We expect to see compelling demonstrations in [electrically powered] business aviation transportation by 2020.”
Is An Electric-Powered Business Aircraft Feasible?  2
Ultimately, the only practical solution for sustaining powered aviation is electricity or a combination of electric motors and internal combustion engines operating as hybrids.
Lithium Battery Hazards: Know How To Respond When The Heat Is On  1
Thermal runaways and resultant fires of lithium-ion batteries powering electronic devices brought on aircraft continue to vex regulatory agencies and operators.
Laptop Ban Was Short-Lived
From March to July 2017, the U.S. and UK banned laptop computers in the cabins of commercial aircraft on flights from 12 countries.
Log Of Lithium Runaway Incidents 
According to the FAA, between March 1991, and May 2018, there were 206 thermal runaway incidents involving lithium batteries at airports or onboard aircraft.
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