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David Eshel

David Eshel
Israel Becomes Quiet Ally In Turbulent Middle East Region  5
With a deep-strike capability and a second-strike nuclear capability, Israel is regarded as a stabilizing force in the region.
Israeli Companies Demo New Class Of ISR Technologies 
The Israeli defense ministry’s advanced technology department is developing wide-area surveillance UAVs, new ways to pick targets out of a crowd and a system of a thousand scattered sensors.
IAI Targets $1 Billion In Annual Sales To India 
The Israeli company is optimistic about its growth plan, despite increased global competition.
Israel Bolsters Space And Air Defense Systems  2
Surrounded by increasingly sophisticated air defenses, Israel beefs up its air force and electronic warfare prowess.
Advanced Technologies Improve Recon, Strike Capabilities 
Ground forces upgrade situational awareness and weapons accuracy in asymmetric combat with a range of advanced recon and fire control systems.
Israel’s Navy Adds Sophisticated Anti-Missile Defense Systems  1
As regional hostilities spill into the Mediterranean, Israel’s navy adds sophisticated anti-missile defense systems.
Protecting Skies: Ballistic Missile Defenses Proliferate In Middle East  2
Tehran’s ballistic missile tests alert Israel and its regional neighbors to the need for effective air defense.
Joint Ventures Lift Israel’s Share of India’s Defense Market 
Israeli companies are India’s second-largest arms suppliers, and new rules increasing foreign stakes in joint ventures should build their market share
Robot Fleets 
Navies are making greater use of unmanned vessels to detect undersea threats and monitor traffic in coastal and blue-water environments.
Israel Rebalances To Meet New Threats 
To counter distant threats, Israel has reinforced its “long arm”—first established to deter missile attacks—enabling the military to operate thousands of miles from Israel’s borders.
UAV Killers Gain Role Against Growing Threat  21
As insurgents use drones for tactical missions, counter-drone systems deploy to neutralize them.
IFALPA in Africa 
The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) claims to represent more than 100,000 pilots among nearly 100 member associations and unions, 16 of which are based in Africa.
New-generation Russian Armored Vehicles Built On Common Design 
Russia’s new generation of main battle tanks, howitzers and IFVs incorporate common chassis and advanced weapon systems.
Rafael Nanrec Satellites Will Improve Troop Communications 
Rafael develops a constellation of nanosatellites that will reportedly provide effective radio communications between tactical forces spread across wide combat areas.
Next-Generation UAVs Help Ships Keep Eyes On The Horizon  1
Naval vessels make big targets, with situational awareness a necessity which UAVs can enhance.

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