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Dan Katz

Dan Katz
State Of Stealth: Part 7—The Future Of Survivability  15
Radars are moving to lower frequencies to counter stealth. Can stealth survive?
Next Steps In Stealth: From Hopeless Diamonds To Cranked Kites  6
Design for stealth has reshaped combat aircraft, evolving from flat facets to smooth curves. And another change is coming with the need to defeat a wider range of threats.
The Physics And Techniques Of Infrared Stealth  11
Nations looking to defend against stealth aircraft are examining infrared sensors for their counterstealth application, but U.S. B-2, F-22 and F-35 aircraft have a few tricks up their tailpipes and under their skins.
Inside Infrared and the Future of Stealth Technology 12
Stealth aircraft may be good at limiting detection by radar, and while designers are also getting better at concealing an infrared signature, sensor technology is catching up. Listen in as our editors discuss.
A Closer Look at Stealth, Part 5: Nozzles and Exhausts 38
Aviation Week takes a deep dive into the infrared side of low-observability, examining the approaches to reducing engine and plume IR signatures that have been taken on the F-117, B-2, F-22 and F-35.
Podcast: Developments In Stealth And Counterstealth 11
Stealth technology and counterstealth techniques are part of an age-old cat-and-mouse game between military adversaries. Our editors discuss the latest developments and what is coming soon.
Why Did The Pentagon Use The B-2 Against Terrorists?  199
Why was the costly, low-observable aircraft employed for targets lacking sophisticated air defenses?
State Of Counterstealth Technology On Display At Airshow China  13
China featured four large low-frequency radars—at least one of which specifies a detection range against the F-22—along with a new, passive radar. Almaz-Antey was also on site promoting Russia’s counterstealth systems.
A Closer Look At Stealth, Part 4: Counterstealth Radars At Zhuhai 2016  18
Airshow China 2016, which took place this past November in Zhuhai, served as an exhibition for China’s most advanced defense technology, including the strides it is making in counterstealth technology.
J-20 At Zhuhai Shows Unstealthy Features  17
A J-20 that performed at Zhuhai may have been a production aircraft, but it also had ill-fitting panels and other features that did not look very stealthy.
A Closer Look at Stealth, Part 3: Radar-Absorbent Material  11
A look at the material approaches to reducing radar cross-section, in this third installment of Aviation Week’s State of Stealth series.
The 'Magic' Behind Radar-Absorbing Materials For Stealthy Aircraft  7
From the SR-71’s “pie panels” to the B-2’s silver coatings and the F-35’s “magic” layer, an up-close look at stealth technology’s materials.
A Closer Look At Stealth  37
We illustrate the fundamentals of stealth technology and highlight some key features of the F-117, B-2, F-22 and F-35, and some of the threat systems these aircraft face.
Physics And Progress Of Low-Frequency Counterstealth Technology  11
Radars operating at lower frequencies is the most common approach to overcoming stealth technology. Why do they work and what are their limitations?
U.S. Fifth-Generation Fighters: F-22 Vs. F-35
The F-22 is considered superior to the F-35 in certain capabilities relevant to the counter-air and destruction of enemy air defenses missions, but it costs twice as much to procure and twice as much to operate.

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