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Carole Rickard Hedden

Rickard Hedden
Editorial Director, Aviation Week Executive Intelligence,
Aviation Week Executive Intelligence

Carole is responsible for the Aviation Week Workforce Study, Aviation Week Young Professionals and University Student Study, and the Program Excellence Awards. She has provided financial analysis for Aviation Week, developed methodologies behind the Program Excellence Awards, annual workforce study, and developed the Twenty20s program to identify future engineering leaders for aerospace and defense.

The Engineering Life: Aurora Flight Sciences’ Larry Wirsing 
A typical day for Wirsing, a technical program manager, involves the far edges of what is possible in aerospace and defense.
The Engineering Life: Hypersonics Materials Entrepreneur Chris Hill 
When Chris Hill walked out of SpaceX in late May, he knew life was about to change dramatically—and so was what he had known as a “day at the office.”
The Engineering Life: At Work With Northrop Grumman’s Lauren Smith 
One of Aviation Week’s 20 Twenties in 2014 is now a mechanical test engineering manager for Northrop Grumman’s James Webb Space Telescope program.
2018 Aviation Week Program Excellence Winners
Working together to improve program performance is important not only for customers, but also for those who work on programs day in and day out, and to corporations who must answer for performance issues. The Aviation Week Program Excellence Awards honor those efforts.
Workforce 2018: Keeping Pace As Technology Shifts 
Some inroads are made in employee diversity in aerospace sectors, but more remains to be done.
Celebrating Sikorsky Test-Pilot Pioneer Pat Handy Swenson
Priscilla “Pat” Handy Swenson is one of four women who served as a Sikorsky test pilot.
Top 20 University Students Have Their Eyes On Space
Aviation Week Network and AIAA introduce the 2018 class of 20 Twenties, university undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated leadership.
20 Twenties: A Look At The Future Aerospace Industry  4
These exceptional aerospace students are honored by Aviation Week and the AIAA for their academic accomplishements and extracuriccular activities.
Workforce: How A&D Stacks Up Against Silicon Valley 8
Aerospace companies compare well in incentives and benefits with tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple, according to survey respondents. Photo credit: Boeing
Twenty Outstanding Students Emerging As Aerospace Leaders 8
Aviation Week, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and universities recognize these 20 accomplished students in aerospace fields.
See The Paths These Program Leaders Took
Career plans often don’t follow a planned trajectory and instead come from being in the right place, raising a hand and being flexible.
2016 Program Excellence Winners
2016 Program Excellence Winners
Industry Faces Paradox Of Wanting, Fearing Retirements 
While industry retirements are of concern, so too is low attrition, especially as Silicon Valley muscles into A&D’s wheelhouse.
Podcast: Busting Aerospace Workforce Myths 1
Brain drain to Silicon Valley? A wave of retirements? Offshoring mania? The results of Aviation Week’s 2016 Workforce Study say otherwise.
Where Young A&D Professionals Want To Work 
According to data from Aviation Week’s latest survey of A&D young professionals, money talks.

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