Bradley Perrett

Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Bradley Perrett, based in Beijing, covers China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. He is a Mandarin-speaking Australian who has lived in China since 2004.


Before joining Aviation Week in 2006 he was a macroeconomics, politics and aerospace journalist with Reuters. Perrett holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Macquarie University, Sydney.


Mitsubishi Aircraft Files Counterclaim Against Bombardier 
Mitsubishi Aircraft’s U.S. subsidiary, filing a counterclaim in the lawsuit that Bombardier has brought against it, alleged unlawful anticompetitive behavior by the Canadian company.
China Eastern President Becomes China Southern President 
The Chinese government has moved the president of China Eastern Airlines, Ma Xulun, to the chairmanship and presidency of China Southern Airlines.
Indonesian Aerospace Delivers Panthers, C235 MPA 
The Indonesian Defense Ministry has taken delivery of five Airbus AS565 Mbe Panther multipurpose helicopters and an Airbus C235 maritime patrol aircraft from Indonesian Aerospace.
Chinese Carriers Plan To Start New Italian Routes In 2019 
Chinese airlines plan a big push into the Italian market between June and October this year, proposing to start seven services and increase frequency on another.
Planned Chinese Startup Airline Agrees To Buy Comac ARJ21s 
Air Northeast, not yet licensed, has become the latest planned Chinese air operator to improve its regulatory chances with an agreement to operate Comac ARJ21s.
Chinese City Offers Airlines Subsidies For North American Routes 
The eastern Chinese city Fuzhou is offering subsidies of at least CNY300,000 ($44,000) per flight for new routes to most North America destinations as part of a broad scheme to support airlines using its airport.
Pentagon Confirms China Will Have A New Tactical Bomber  3
A few details and the probable choice of engines suggest the aircraft will be conceptually like the retired U.S. F-111, but perhaps a lot bigger.
China Likely Planning Big Tactical Bomber 
The few known details and the likely choice of engines suggest China’s new tactical bomber will be conceptually like the retired U.S. F-111.
Joy Air Adding Mainline To Regional Operations 
Chinese turboprop operator Joy Air is finally achieving a long-held ambition to move into mainline operations, thanks to help from its new majority owner, the Xian city government.
Japan Reportedly Developing C-2, P-1 Standoff Jammers 
Japan plans to develop indigenous standoff jamming aircraft based on the Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) C-2 airlifter and P-1 maritime patroller, the Yomiuri newspaper reported.
Japan Details 2019-23 Defense Plan Costs 
Nine Northrop Grumman E-2D airborne early warning aircraft that Japan plans to buy over the coming five fiscal years will cost an average of $242 million each.
Chang’e 4 Overcoming Rough Lunar Terrain 
China’s Chang’e 4 lunar mission is overcoming the challenges of rough terrain on the far side of the Moon.
Improved Engine Took Chang’e 4 Down To The Moon 
Greater demands on engine performance have ranked high among the challenges for China’s Chang’e 4 lunar mission.
Chinese Airlines’ On-Time Performance Improves In 2018 
On-time performance in Chinese commercial aviation leapt 8.5 percentage points to 80.1% in 2018, the best result in eight years, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said.
Xiamen Airlines Moving To New Beijing Airport In 2020 
Xiamen Airlines will move to Beijing’s new airport from the old one in March 2020, according to an agreement between the carrier and the state operating company of the facilities.
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