Bradley Perrett

Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Bradley Perrett, based in Beijing, covers China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. He is a Mandarin-speaking Australian who has lived in China since 2004.


Before joining Aviation Week in 2006 he was a macroeconomics, politics and aerospace journalist with Reuters. Perrett holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Macquarie University, Sydney.


Two Australian Spaceports Nearing Construction 
Building an equatorial launch base in northern Australia should begin in April. A base for launches to polar orbits is in planning.
More Chinese Carriers Seek Beijing-Paris Rights 
Chinese airlines are applying for yet more service rights to Paris from Beijing, raising the total of recent proposals to 31 weekly flights.
Japan To Extend Range Of ASM-3 Anti-Ship Missile 
Japan will extend the range of the Mach-3 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) ASM-3 air-to-ship missile.
New York A Priority For China Eastern At Beijing Daxing 
New York is a one of three priority intercontinental destinations that China Eastern Airlines wants to serve from Beijing’s new airport, due to open this year, a senior China Eastern manager said.
Australian Company Working On Polar-Orbit Launch Base 
An Australian company is working to set up a polar-orbit launch base on the southern edge of the continent.
Chinese Carriers Seek Huge Increase In European Services 
Chinese airlines have applied to add 48 weekly flights to Paris and 41 to London over the next 12 months as part of a huge set of proposals for increased European services.
Japan Begins Moves To Acquire F-35B 
Japan has begun the process of acquiring Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightnings by preparing to issue a request for proposals for STOVL fighters.
Australia Buying Second Pair Of G550 EW Aircraft 
Australia is acquiring a second pair of Gulfstream G550s modified by L3 for vaguely described electronic warfare missions.
Second Pair Of G550 EW Aircraft To Be Bought By Australia 
Australia is acquiring a second pair of Gulfstream G550s modified by L3 for vaguely described electronic warfare missions.
Singapore Looks To 2030s As It Plans Fleet Renewals  1
Singapore is updating its F-16s to an advanced standard, but they will be out of service within a decade.
Work To Begin On Australian Equatorial Spaceport 
Construction is due to begin next month on an equatorial space launch base in northern Australia, with initial suborbital shots planned for this year.
China Eastern Plans 200 Aircraft At New Beijing Airport 
China Eastern Airlines plans to eventually station 200 aircraft at the new Beijing Daxing International Airport set to open this year, Chairman Liu Shaoyong said.
MHI Engine Fix Clears KHI OH-1 For Return To Service 
The Kawasaki Heavy Industries OH-1 helicopter is returning to Japanese army service after more than three years on the ground caused by engine unreliability.
Australia Nears Wedgetail Upgrade Decision 
The RAAF’s Wedgetails have been fully operational for only four years, but a midlife update already is due.
Final Three C919 Prototypes Due In Consecutive 2019 Quarters From Q2 
The fourth COMAC C919 prototype is due to fly in the second quarter of this year, an industry source close to the program said.
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