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Bradley Perrett

Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Bradley Perrett, based in Beijing, covers China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. He is a Mandarin-speaking Australian who has lived in China since 2004.

Before joining Aviation Week in 2006 he was a macroeconomics, politics and aerospace journalist with Reuters. Perrett holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Macquarie University, Sydney.

Australia Wants Tiger Successor Operational By 2026 
Canberra seeks information on a proven and mature armed helicopter. Bell and Boeing will propose the Viper and Apache, Airbus a Tiger modernization.
Juneyao Airlines Likely To Open Shanghai-Athens Route 
Athens is a likely next intercontinental destination for Shanghai-based Juneyao Airlines, a company spokesperson said, as the privately owned carrier targets countries covered by Beijing’s Belt and Road economic program.
Indonesian Aerospace Hesitates To Take NC212i Order 
Philippines Air Force (PAF) Chief Air Lt. Gen. Rozzano Briguez said the aircraft should be received in 2020, but the manufacturer would not confirm when asked by Aerospace DAILY.
Air China, Sichuan Airlines To Fly From New Chengdu Airport 
Air China and Sichuan Airlines are likely to become the anchor operators at the new airport to be opened at Chengdu in southwestern China in 2021, plans set out by the city’s government suggest.
Air China Places Order For 20 More Airbus A350s 
Air China has ordered 20 Airbus A350s, adding to the 10 currently in service and providing potential replacements for the airline’s oldest long-haul aircraft.
Australia Seeks Info On Tiger Helo Replacements 
Australia is sticking by a plan to replace its 22 Airbus Tiger ARH attack helicopters in the mid-2020s, issuing a request for information on a prospective order for 29 rotorcraft.
China’s CAAC Luring Foreign Airlines To Beijing Daxing 
The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is offering to reward foreign airlines with more and better runway slots if they move to Beijing Daxing International Airport, due to open in September.
Avic Working Toward September MA700 Rollout 
The manufacturing schedule has slipped by three months since last year, when Avic planned to roll out the prototype of the 78-seat aircraft in June 2019.
AVIC Working Toward September MA700 Rollout 
The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has completed the forward fuselage section for the static test airframe of the MA700 turboprop airliner, as the program works toward rolling out the first prototype in September.
China Prepares For A Lunar Base  2
A fourth phase has been added to the China Lunar Exploration Program, to survey polar sites for a 2030s research station.
KAI Flies First LAH Prototype 
The flight was performed at KAI’s headquarters at Sacheon, South Korea, by two pilots, the company said. It lasted 20 min.
Japan Rejects Push To Bring Forward Future Fighter Launch 
The finance ministry is strongly opposed to the program because of the cost of developing the proposed large, twin-engine type to build a mere 100 units, the Jiji news agency said.
CR929 Has ‘Soft Orders;’ Delivery Due In 2025–27 
Initial contracts for the CR929 bridge a gap between Russian and Chinese opinions on order timing. Development targets are looser and later.
United Aircraft Corp. Announces ‘Soft Orders’ For CR929 Widebody 
The Craic CR929 widebody airliner program has gained its first, preliminary sales agreements, said consortium partner United Aircraft Corp. (UAC), which has also widened development schedule targets to allow for slippage from earlier dates.
KAI Advances Capability With G280 Wing Work For IAI 
Korea Aerospace Industries is advancing its civil aircraft manufacturing capabilities with a contract to build wings for the G280 bizjet program of Israel Aerospace Industries.
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