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Byron Callan

Byron Callan
Director, Capital Alpha Partners

Contributing columnist Byron Callan is a director at Capital Alpha Partners in Washington.

Opinion: How The 2020 Election Is Likely To Affect Defense  7
There likely will be a bigger debate over nuclear modernization and the role and cost of technology in defense.
Opinion: How To Assess Defense Prospects For The Future  2
Companies that can withstand change and disruption may be best positioned to navigate the tumult of the 2020s.
Opinion: After Major Mergers, What’s Next For Defense Market? 
There are a lot of questions in the industry, not least of which are the 2020 U.S. elections.
Opinion: What If U.S. Sanctions Work—And What If They Don’t?  11
U.S. policy changes regarding Iran and Venezuela have reached the point where analysts and planners may need to think more about implications in 2019-21.
Opinion: More Signs Of ‘Plan Bs’ In Defense  5
Without adequate funding, the Pentagon is looking at ways to sustain its weaponry for the long term.
Opinion: How Should The U.S. Approach Situation In Venezuela?  1
The current situation is combustible enough for defense analysts and planners to ponder how Venezuela might affect the 2019-21 outlook for the sector.
Opinion: Rebalancing Defense Contractor Incentives  1
Finding the right balance will be important not just for heritage contractors, but for the Pentagon’s ability to attract new companies to meet its needs.
Opinion: Why The Budget Control Act May Be A Blessing In Disguise  1
It might provide the leverage to achieve another budget deal.
Opinion: What’s Coming Next In Defense Consolidation? 
Will this wave continue? The prudent answer is “yes”—but with lots of caveats.
Podcast: Defense Trends: From Sales to Saudis, Budgets, Mergers and More
Capital Alpha Partners’ Byron Callan Byron Callan talks with our editors about the latest hot topics in defense.
Opinion: Washington’s Defense Disconnect  8
Pentagon leaders want 3-5% budget growth after inflation. The next White House budget probably won’t give them that.
Opinion: Defense Mobilization Sits On Weak Foundations 
Rethinking the approach to defense mobilization in light of today’s landscape could work to the U.S.’s advantage.
Opinion: How To Soup Up The Defense Sector  2
How Campbell Soup can help defense executives navigate the future.
Opinion: Hunkering Down Not An Option In Defense Sector  1
How contractors and the Pentagon could balance requirements and budgets in the coming years.
Opinion: Another Twist On Defense Business Mix 
The General Dynamics’ purchase of CRSA confirms that larger scale matters in federal IT services.

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