Aviation Week Intelligence Network

Aviation Week Intelligence Network
Saab JAS 39 Gripen 
The JAS 39 Gripen is a Swedish, delta-wing canard, single-engine, multirole fighter produced by Saab. As of March 2019, 164 Gripens of all variants were in service across Europe, Africa and Asia.
North American Remains Business Aviation's Powerhouse 
View the North American Remains Business Aviation's Powerhouse chart in PDF format.
Western Military Transport Aircraft ISF By Family 2018-2028 
AVIATION WEEK NETWORK estimates that by the end of 2018, there were 4,821 Western-designed aircraft performing military transport missions.
Piper Meridian PA-46 
The M500 and M600 are part of Piper Aircraft’s M-Class line of airframes that are based on the company’s PA-46 type.
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