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Ashley Nunes


Ashley Nunes conducts policy research in aviation safety, regulatory affairs and behavioral economics. He has lectured globally on the challenges facing the air transportation industry and led research projects sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense. Nunes earned his Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where he examined the scientific merit of raising controller retirement ages.


Flying Into The Unknown By Remote Control 1
Dubbed “remote tower,” a sensor array allows air traffic services at the regional airfield to be provided by controllers located in the city of Adelaide, nearly 1500km away.
Opinion: The Time To Strike Is Upon Us, But It Will Not Last Long 1
There is little doubt that SESAR opposition efforts will continue. Flights will be cancelled, delays will persist and travel chaos will plague thousands. However, these efforts will merely delay, not halt SESAR in its tracks.
Opinion: Putting Public Safety Ahead Of Three-Day Weekends Takes Courage 3
Working conditions of air traffic controllers continue to threaten the safety of the flying public today.
Opinion: How Our Love Of Cheap Airfares May Be Hurting The Aviation Industry 3
Nunes is a Principal Scientist at ISA Software, where his research efforts focus on operational performance and behavioral economics in aviation. He is based in Paris.
Opinion: The Price of Reducing Pilot Fatigue
Safety advocates have long recognized the dangers of pilot fatigue

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