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Antoine Gelain

Antoine Gelain
Managing Director, Paragon European Partners

Contributing columnist Antoine Gélain is managing director at Paragon European Partners, based in London.

Opinion: The Coming Era Of Small-Scale Air Travel  51
The aviation ecosystem as we know it is likely to change dramatically in the next few decades.
Opinion: How To Colonize Mars  154
Musk’s approach is flawed. If he truly believes that what is at stake is the long-term survival of humanity, then he should not expect to charge people $200,000 for the trip, opines Antoine Gelain.
Opinion: The Uncomfortable Truth About Aviation Emissions  273
When it comes to sustainability of air travel, the aviation community is lying to itself. There is an elephant in the room and nobody wants to see it.
Opinion: British Aerospace At A Crossroads  34
As the U.K. gets ready to vote on its EU membership, the British aerospace industry is going through its own crisis of identity
Opinion: Is Commercial Aerospace Ripe For Disruption?  45
The money, talent and business model could be found to break the Airbus and Boeing duopoly, but the vision may prove more elusive.
Opinion: A380 Exemplifies European Commercial Aerospace Success  151
The aircraft has changed the competitive dynamics not only between Airbus and Boeing but among international airlines.
Opinion: How Aerospace OEMs Can Make Their Supply Base More Sustainable  3
A customer-supplier model based on mutual trust and long-term commitment is the key.
Opinion: Why Smaller Aerospace Companies Do Better  1
The best performers in aerospace are midsize companies organized as horizontal portfolios of multiple operational entities that extol the virtues of small size, loose integration and lean management.
Opinion: Game Over In The Space Sector  15
A paradigm shift is underway, whereby historical players from the old military-industrial complex are bound to become marginalized and lose out to the new players of the digital economy.
Opinion: The Best Way To Reinvigorate Air Travel  72
Instead of investing in faster aircraft, what about investing in something that would truly make a difference for the majority of passengers?
Opinion: Why A&D Companies Are Passé  1
With the rapid growth of commercial aviation, the label “aerospace and defense” has become largely irrelevant, if not entirely misleading.
Opinion: Three Misconceptions About Supply Chain Competitiveness 
OEMs must question assumptions about what makes the supply chain competitive and rethink the way they allocate resources accordingly.
Opinion: Outlier Dassault Shows How Being Stubborn Pays For Rafale  3
Within the last two months, three orders have been announced for close to a total of 100 Rafales, and suddenly the future looks bright.
Opinion: A&D Needs Visionary Leaders To Fend Off Venture Capitalists  2
The digital economy is seeping into every corner of the aerospace and defense industry, and it is just the beginning.
Opinion: How A Merger May Be A Zero-Sum Deal 1
The Harris-Exelis merger brings back to light some fundamental truths about the U.S. defense sector that otherwise tend to be forgotten.

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