AJW Technique keeps up the momentum

Unremitting pace at AJW’s component repair and overhaul facility is driven by airlines seeking to benefit from reduced direct maintenance costs

Madrid, October 8th 2015:Just eighteen months after the AJW Technique facility in Montreal opened its doors, the organisation is celebrating an outstanding performance from its teams of skilled technicians as new platforms and capabilities come on-stream and milestone after milestone is achieved. Global approvals: ANAC (Brazil), DGCA (Indonesia) and DCA (Thailand) now complement FAA (US), EASA (Europe) and TCCA (Canada); and CAAC (China) will follow soon.

General Manager, Gavin Simmonds, acknowledges the dedication of a workforce that is committed to delivering outstanding levels of service in the pursuit of deserved industry-wide recognition. “We now have a team of more than 150 dedicated repair technicians and support staff. We are on-track to expand to 250 in the next twelve months and it is incredible to experience the work ethic at AJW Technique.”

Repairing 35,000 units a year across is equivalent to supporting 600 aircraft, and the business is on course to achieve this in record time. “We surpassed our 12,500th repair order in September 2014 and more than 4,000 part numbers are now on the AJW Technique capabilities list which currently crosses five platforms: A320 family, A330/340, B737NG, B767, B777NG. We expect to add Bombardier, Embraer and ATR in the near future.”

From coffee makers to flight data recorders, IDG’s and fuel controls, AJW Technique is on a mission to streamline repairs for operators worldwide and it recently secured its fiftieth independent customer.  “Right from the start our focus has been on reducing direct maintenance costs and we do this by engineering-in quality repairs from the outset.  If it carries an AJW Technique tag we do not want to see it back in our workshop before it’s due, in fact we do our utmost to design new repair procedures that maximise time on wing” Simmonds adds.  “A key differentiator for us is that we can underwrite our repair management guarantees via unique access to AJW Aviation’s extensive component inventories valued at almost $500 million.”

“We will never stop striving for excellence” says Christopher Whiteside, President, AJW Group.  “Building AJW Technique and maintaining our growth trajectory has been an enormous challenge for the Group. Every day we have more obstacles to overcome, but with the support of our OEM partners like Thales, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell and UTC Aerospace Systems we have proved to our competitors, and to our customers, that we can succeed through determination and innovation.  Never underestimate what can be achieved with the right teamwork and the ’can do’ attitude which exemplifies the AJW philosophy.”


AJW Technique provides a broad range of component repair and overhaul services to the AJW Aviation customer base of more than 1000 airlines. Utilising one of the best industry-specific engineering skill bases in the world, it is the centralised hub for the AJW repair supply chain. AJW Technique is focused on delivering world class reliability, guaranteed availability of components, and first class turn times to deliver improved efficiencies and minimise AOG costs; backed by superior warranties and competitive pricing.



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