Webinar: Route to Recovery | What’s Next for the UK’s Aviation Market?

This webinar took place September 3, 2020

The UK’s changing quarantine policy is creating uncertainty among both passengers and airlines, with the list of flight corridors changing on an almost daily basis. Airlines are becoming highly reactive, reducing and adding capacity with the policy fluctuations, while passengers are understandably booking later in the cycle to minimise their risks.

  • How are airports coping with the constant uncertainty?
  • With the summer season dwindling, how can the market weather the winter?
  • And how much has the network planning process been affected by the changes?



  • Tom Screen, Aviation Director, Birmingham Airport
  • Uel Hoey, Business Development Director, Belfast International Airport
  • Nigel Mayes, Senior Vice President, Consulting & Product Development, ASM

Moderated by Wesley Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes


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