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Nearly 17 months after its disappearance, the first piece of debris that is likely to have come from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) simply washed ashore, despite the most extensive, and expensive, search operation in commercial aviation history.

What looks to be the first piece of wreckage from the Boeing 777-200ER was found on Reunion Island, a French territory, on July 29, approximately 2,500 nm west of the so-called seventh arc, along which Australian investigators say the aircraft likely exhausted its fuel supply and crashed.

Below are our latest reports on discovery of the debris and the forensics work being done to confirm that it came from MH370, as well as articles on global flight tracking, an issue that gained new recognition after the March 8, 2014, crash.


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    • Mar 2, 2015
      Aviation Week & Space Technology

      Video: ICAO Actions on Global Flight Tracking  

      Aviation Week discusses the ICAO-led actions to be taken on global flight tracking by the airline industry in the wake of the March 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370)....More
    • Feb 27, 2015
      Aviation Week & Space Technology

      Podcast: Flight Tracking One Year After MH370

      Aviation Week editors discuss the ongoing search for MH370 and the outlook for changes to flight tracking....More
    • Infographic

      Deployable Recorders and Downed Aircraft

      Triggered flight-data transmissions and deployable flight recorders could quickly determine an aircraft’s location and basic health, pre- or post-incident. See more about DRS Technologies' deployable technology—the company has 5,000 deployable recorders in service, most in military or search-and-rescue aircraft....More
  • Related Coverage

    • Sep 3, 2014

      Iridium and Aireon talk ADS-B

      The full-length version of AW&ST's August 2014 interview with Iridium CEO Matthew Desch and Aireon President and CEO Donald Thoma is below, with web-only excerpts highlighted in green....More
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