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2019 Engine Yearbook

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The Engine Yearbook is the reference book of choice for aero-engine professionals at airlines, engine OEMs and engine aftermarket companies.

Every aspect of engine development, overhaul, leasing and specialist repairs is examined by our expert team of journalists and analysts. Articles are accompanied by comprehensive directory listings of the world’s leading engine/APU overhaul shops and specialist engine repair companies.

WHAT'S INSIDE the 2019 Engine Yearbook, sponsored by Rolls-Royce:


  • HEALTH MONITORING: Engine optimization at the push of a button.
  • AFTERMARKET OUTLOOK: A detailed look at engine maintenance demand over the next decade.
  • ADAPT TO SURVIVE: Strategies for independent MRO providers.
  • SMARTER APU MAINTENANCE: How to avoid spiraling overhaul costs.
  • COST CONTROL: Tips for a smoother shop visit.
  • OUTSOURCING TRENDS: New deals and new airlines are creating opportunities in the aftermarket.
  • LIFECYCLE LESSONS: How maintenance requirements change as engines age.


  • FUTURE MRO TECHNOLOGIES: Robots, 3D printing and big data will combine to transform engine support.
  • BETTER, FASTER DATA: The latest advances in the acquisition and analysis of engine data.
  • SENSORS AND SENSITIVITY:Why modern engine sensors must be more accurate and robust than ever before.
  • TRENT 700: An analysis of this ageing but stillpopular engine.
  • AI AND FLEET PLANNING: Intelligent software can model current operations and simulate into the future.
  • FRONT LINE EXPERIENCE: Life-tracking solutions for military engines hold lessons for civil operators.
  • GIANT STEPS: THE GE9X: Analyzing development of the world’s largest commercial engine.
  • CHURNING THEM OUT: How are OEMs coping with an unprecedented ramp-up in production of new engines?


  • A MARKET IN FLUX: The critical factors shaping today’s engine market.
  • VALUE IN DIVERSITY: Why a deep, competitive aftermarket protects residual values.
  • TAILORED APPRAISALS: One size does not fit all in the engine appraisal business.
  • ENGINE LEASING THROUGH A DOWNTURN: How engine lessors will cope once the current boom period is over.



A subscription to The Engine Yearbook is now available for just $90. Supplies are limited - don't miss your opportunity to receive a print copy. Order now!

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