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Jan 29, 2015

Supersonic Scoop (1947)

Aviation Week scored one of the biggest aerospace scoops of the 20th century when on December 22, 1947, it revealed that the fabled sound barrier had....More
Jan 26, 2015

Boeing 777 -- Unveiling A Design Classic (1990)

No matter how you gauge the success of Boeing’s 777, whether in terms of sales, profitability, safety, versatility, longevity or derivatives, few can....More
Jan 23, 2015

When Lockheed Martin Won The JSF Award (2001)

During its nearly 100 years of coverage, Aviation Week....More
Jan 20, 2015

The Case Of The Missing F-117 Parts (2001)

How AW&ST found out what had happened to the remains of a shot-down F-117....More
Jan 16, 2015

Relax On Your Way To LAX (1966)

Some things don’t change. In the 48 years since this article on road congestion at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was published, traffic....More
Jan 16, 2015

727 And The Birth Of Boeing’s ‘Family’ Plan (1962)

The new look of Boeing’s three-engined 727 caused quite a stir when it was unveiled in November 1962, as Aviation Week noted in its extensive....More
Jan 14, 2015

Pilot Reports: Mikoyan MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-27 (1990)

In 1990 Aviation Week's former Editor-in-Chief became the first American pilot to fly the Su-27 and the first journalist to fly the MiG-29. Read his....More
Jan 13, 2015

Rafale -- Then (1986) And Now

The first flight of the Rafale was the start of one of the world's most ambitious weapon programs....More
Jan 08, 2015

Pilot Report: Aviation Week Flies The Northrop Grumman B-2 (1995)

In 1995 Aviation Week's former Editor-in-Chief became the first civilian pilot to take controls of the stealth bomber. Read his pilot report....More
Jan 07, 2015

Cuba: Bob Hotz Goes Nuclear On Pentagon Flack (1962)

Aviation Week's editor was not the only one with a low opinion of Robert McNamara's PR man....More
Jan 02, 2015

2004: Soaring Oil Prices Batter Airlines

What a difference a decade makes. In 2004, oil prices surged about 50%, topping a then unheard of $50 a barrel....More
Dec 09, 2014

Aviation’s Ten Commandments of Flying (1939)

These ten commandments were published in the May, 1939 issue of Aviation (which later became Aviation Week....More
Nov 28, 2014

1989: Bombardier Launches The Regional Jet Era

The CRJ would prove to be a game changer, reinvigorating the regional airline industry and bringing jet travel to passengers in smaller markets that....More
Nov 14, 2014

1956: China’s C-130 – And A Look Back At The Lockheed Original

Aviation Week published an in-depth look at the original C-130 Hercules nearly 58 years ago....More
Nov 03, 2014

1990: MD-11 Memories

KLM will operate three final farewell passenger flights of the MD-11 on Nov 11, an event that marks the end of the Dutch carrier’s 80-year....More
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