Airbus A350 Flying Display: From The Cockpit



The Airbus A350XWB has made its Farnborough Air Show debut. It performed its validation flight for the air display on July 10. Join the crew in the cockpit!

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on Jul 14, 2014

Seems like someone was pressed for space on Aviation Week to put in a compressed video, but then again, how much will you really notice from inside the cockpit.

Nice to see Airbus copying Boeing on the HUDs in the cockpit. Or will that clown John Leahy say that is another "fighter plane" joke that he just happened to copy (like his Chinese copy 787 joke...which Airbus then followed with the A350 drama...his "dog's breakfast" comment...which has now been followed by Airbus's own mess of a lineup.)

on Jul 14, 2014

Nice to see Airbus copying Boeing on the HUDs
Boeing got the Hud from McDonnell F-15

How B-2 data wound up in 787 program - The Seattle Times

on Jun 11, 2015

Please first let me comment on the video of flight deck operations of the A350 which I found weak, simplistic and too general for most readers of this publication. I had hoped for a more 'professional' presentation geared for aviation professionals.
The A350 looks like a beautiful aircraft and holds promise to give the Boeing 787 formidable competition but do not forget that it was Boeing's correct outlook years ago that led to this segment aircraft verses the Airbus conceived hub and spoke A380.
I favor the B787 as I perceive it as more advanced and was the first in next-gen pax a/c but I have great admiration for Airbus and it is my hope that the Airbus/Boeing duopoly continue to hold their dominance in this industry and severely limit the newcomers from China and Russia.

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