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Thierry Dubois covers French aerospace for Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Thierry graduated in fluid dynamics in Toulouse in the mid-1990s. Looking for a job in aerospace, he found his first one in 1997 with French weekly Air & Cosmos. In 2000, he moved to Lyon, where he became a freelancer for several English- and French-language publications. These included AIN, Rotor & Wing, Aviation Maintenance, Science & Vie and Aerobuzz. Thierry's main focus has long been technology.


Where Defense Companies Are Placing Their Bets 
A look at some of key defense contractors and the choices they are facing.
ATR: New Multifunction Computer To Ease Maintenance 
ATR is developing a new version of the ATR 42-600’s and ATR 72-600’s multifunction computer (MFC) and is promising it will make maintenance more straightforward.
P120C Booster For Ariane 6, Vega C About To Be Tested 
The first static hot firing of the P120C rocket motor is about to take place at Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, according to the ESA.
Airbus Gears Up In Space Exploration 
Airbus is reporting progress for two missions in Solar System exploration and exoplanet characterization—the Mars Sample Return mission and the Cheops satellite.
Airbus BizLab Nurtures Startups And Entrepreneurs 
Airbus helps transform ideas into new companies or new business lines through coaching, a workplace and conditional funding.
Fleet Of Connected Aircraft Predicted To Triple In 10 Years  2
Over 23,000 commercial aircraft will offer connectivity to their passengers by 2027, up from 7,400 in 2017, a report by satellite market research specialist Euroconsult said, consolidating forecasts made by connectivity service and hardware providers.
Airbus, Planet Join Forces In Earth Imaging 
Satellite operators Airbus and Planet are to combine their respective capabilities in high-resolution and global, frequent-revisit Earth observation for joint offerings.
Airbus, TAP Portugal Operate Airbus A330neo Proving Flights 
Airbus and TAP Portugal have begun flying the first production A330neo to demonstrate its readiness for airline operations, as the program is in the home stretch to certification.
Liebherr, GM To Develop Fuel Cell-Based APU 
Liebherr Aerospace & Transportation has partnered with automotive giant General Motors (GM) to develop an auxiliary power unit (APU) for future single-aisle aircraft based on a fuel cell.
French ATC ‘Struggling’ To Keep Up, Senator Says 
An “information report” by a French senator is blaming the country’s air traffic control (ATC) for disproportionate flight delays in Europe, citing obsolete equipment, inadequate human resource management and frequent strikes.
Europe’s ATM Benefiting From Streamlined Airport Operations 
Air traffic management optimization is gathering speed throughout Europe, thanks to improvements at the airport level.
Qatar Picks Lockheed Martin Targeting Pod For Rafale 
The Qatar Emiri Air Force has selected Lockheed Martin’s Sniper targeting pod for its Dassault Rafale fighters, the company announced June 12.
ESA’s Aeolus Satellite To Gauge Wind Globally 
Meteorologists expect a breakthrough in weather forecast, thanks to a first-of-its-kind space-borne Lidar that will measure wind at 24 different altitudes.
Daher Launches ISR Variants Of TBM Single Turboprop 
Daher is developing ISR variants of its TBM 910 and TBM 930 single turboprops as lower-cost alternatives to twin-turboprop and twin-jet aircraft.
Daher Launches ISR Variants Of TBM Single Turboprop 
Daher is developing ISR variants of its TBM 910 and TBM 930 single turboprops as lower-cost alternatives to twin-turboprop and twin-jet aircraft.
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