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Thierry Dubois covers French aerospace for Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Thierry graduated in fluid dynamics in Toulouse in the mid-1990s. Looking for a job in aerospace, he found his first one in 1997 with French weekly Air & Cosmos. In 2000, he moved to Lyon, where he became a freelancer for several English- and French-language publications. These included AIN, Rotor & Wing, Aviation Maintenance, Science & Vie and Aerobuzz. Thierry's main focus has long been technology.


New Launchpad Is Key To Ariane 6 Cost-Cutting Effort 
The new on-site assembly process at the Ariane 6 launchpad is intended to trim costs by 40%.
Ariane 5 Launches Two Telecom Satellites  1
For Arianespace, the mission is a milestone, since it is the 100th launch of an Ariane 5 since its inception in 1996. The two satellites are the 206th and 207th launched by the heavy-lift vehicle.
French Air Force Phases In Pilatus PC-21 
Lyon, France–The French air force is gearing up for the entry into service of the single-turboprop Pilatus PC-21, which will become its mainstay in pilot and weapon system officer (WSO) training.
French Air Force Phases In Pilatus PC-21 
The French air force is gearing up for the entry into service of the single-turboprop Pilatus PC-21, which will become its mainstay in pilot and weapon system officer (WSO) training.
Boeing NMA Engine And Fuselage-Shape Selections Loom  2
Boeing’s upcoming decisions will be an indication of how it plans to curb the NMA’s life-cycle cost.
Firefighting Company To Be Waterbomber Lessor 
Fledgling firefighting company Seaplane Global Air Services has outlined plans to lease out waterbombing aircraft, especially the amphibious Beriev Be-200.
Satellite Industry Compelled To Reinvent Itself 
With the communications satellite market still in flux, launch service providers are counting on aggregators and manufacturers to broaden their product ranges.
Bortoli Named ATR’s CEO, Succeeds Departed Scherer 
Regional turboprop manufacturer ATR has named Stefano Bortoli as its new CEO, following the departure of Christian Scherer, who is now CCO at Airbus.
French MOD Wants To Cut Use Of U.S. Components 
The French ministry of the armed forces has launched a defense industry-wide effort to get out of the habit of using U.S. components subject to ITAR.
Arianespace CEO Urges Europe To Mull Manned Spaceflights  10
The imminent restart of manned spaceflights from U.S. soil raises questions for Europe, Arianespace CEO Stephane Israel said.
Eutelsat Picks Ariane 6 For Multilaunch Accord 
The multiple-launch accord that satellite operator Eutelsat has signed with launch service provider Arianespace marks the first commercial contract for Ariane 6.
French MOD To Reshuffle Aircraft Maintenance Contracts 
In a bid for improved aircraft availability, the French minister of the armed forces is reorganizing maintenance contracts for the country’s military aircraft.
Iridium Closes In On Constellation Renewal 
Iridium Next, Iridium’s replacement constellation with improved capability for global communications, is close to completion.
French Air Force Shows Flag In Southeast Asia  2
The air force’s Pegase mission promoted French aircraft exports, as well as sending a message to China about the South China Sea.
GKN Plans 3D-Printed Turbine For Reusable Rocket Engine 
GKN Aerospace will use additive manufacturing to create the turbine for Europe’s Prometheus reusable rocket engine demonstrator.
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