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Thierry Dubois covers French aerospace for Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Thierry graduated in fluid dynamics in Toulouse in the mid-1990s. Looking for a job in aerospace, he found his first one in 1997 with French weekly Air & Cosmos. In 2000, he moved to Lyon, where he became a freelancer for several English- and French-language publications. These included AIN, Rotor & Wing, Aviation Maintenance, Science & Vie and Aerobuzz. Thierry's main focus has long been technology.


ArianeGroup Starts Building Ariane 6 Launcher 
ArianeGroup has started building the first Ariane 6 launcher, scheduled to lift off in July 2020.
Dassault Starts Work On Next Falcon Business Jet 
As Dassault announces it is designing a new jet, engine-maker Safran’s presence in business aviation has weakened
Telecom Satellite Constellations To Watch 
Snapshots of projects focusing on greater bandwidth—but not necessarily broadband—compared to the existing Iridium, GlobalStar and Orbcomm constellations.
Earth-i Preps For Launch Of Full-Color Video Sat Prototype 
Earth-i intends to launch 15 satellites in batches of five, starting in early 2019.
Europe Close To Completing Galileo Constellation 
The Dec. 12 launch of four Galileo satellites on an Ariane 5 puts Europe one step away from completing its own positioning, navigation and timing constellation.
France Increases Defense Spending Amid Heated Debate  1
France’s budget for military equipment will increase in 2018, but critics contend spending for foreign military operations is not being properly accounted for.
Safran Counter-rotating Open Rotor To Complete Ground Tests  6
Safran’s CROR concept has to be evaluated long before a commercial program is launched.
In-Orbit Experiment Fails To Contradict Einstein ... So Far 
Experiment results on Europe’s Microscope mini-sat have confirmed a key principle in Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, French space agency CNES says.
Orbital Experiment Confirms Einstein Equivalency Principle  16
Experiment results on Europe’s Microscope mini-sat have confirmed a key principle in Einstein's theory of general relativity, French space agency CNES says.
Qatar Exercises Option For 12 Dassault Rafales 
Even before Dassault delivers the first Rafale fighter to Qatar in 2018, the country has ordered another 12 aircraft.
Airbus, Safran, Suez See Future In Aircraft Recycling 
Aircraft recycling likely to remain profitable, despite increasing retirements and environmental challenges.
Paris-Based ATR 72-600 Simulator Receives EASA Nod 
ATR CEO Christian Scherer announced the installation of the simulator in Paris earlier this year, citing his customers’ difficulties to retain pilots.
New Airbus A330 Derivative Programs Gather Momentum 
The Airbus A330neo program is gaining momentum, with the manufacturer recently completing the first flight of the second A330-900 test aircraft and starting the final assembly of the A330-800.
Development Of ATR 72-600F Freighter Now Underway  2
ATR is bolstered by FedEx order, which confirms for the manufacturer that new freighters—versus converted passenger aircraft—can be economical.
Avio Designing Larger And Smaller Vega Launchers 
Vega has been a great success for Avio, encouraging further innovation for the rocket.
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