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Thierry Dubois covers French aerospace for Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Thierry graduated in fluid dynamics in Toulouse in the mid-1990s. Looking for a job in aerospace, he found his first one in 1997 with French weekly Air & Cosmos. In 2000, he moved to Lyon, where he became a freelancer for several English- and French-language publications. These included AIN, Rotor & Wing, Aviation Maintenance, Science & Vie and Aerobuzz. Thierry's main focus has long been technology.


French Researchers Bet On Boundary Layer Ingestion 
Engineers at French aerospace research center Onera are designing a wind tunnel test model that could pave the way for greater airframe-engine integration in the future.
Airbus, Safran And Suez Aim To Expand Aircraft Storage Facilities Worldwide 
Tarmac Aerosave has found its bread and butter in the aircraft storage business, primarily for leasing companies.
Forecast Predicts 300 Satellite Launches Per Year Until 2026 
Space market research specialist Euroconsult is forecasting 300 satellites weighing more than 50 kg (110 lb.) will be launched every year until 2026.
Eutelsat 172B Reaches Geostationary Orbit In Four Months 
Eutelsat 172B, the first European-built all-electric satellite, has reached geostationary orbit in just more than fourth months, allowing manufacturer Airbus and operator Eutelsat to claim a new record.
Safran Inaugurates Open Rotor Engine Test Facility 
Safran this week inaugurated a ground testbed for a full-scale counter-rotating open-rotor engine in Istres in southeast France, marking key progress in the EU-funded demonstration program.
Open Rotor Engine Test Facility Inaugurated By Safran 
Safran this week inaugurated a ground testbed for a full-scale counter-rotating open-rotor engine in Istres in southeast France, marking key progress in the EU-funded demonstration program.
Ariane 5 Launches Intelsat, BSAT Satellites 
After an aborted launch seconds before liftoff early last month, an Ariane 5 on Sept. 29 placed the Intelsat 37e and BSAT-4a satellites into geostationary orbit.
ATM Experts: Adjust Speed Early For Smoother Approach  6
Air traffic management optimization looks like low-hanging fruit for fuel efficiency, given the results of recent extended arrival management tests in Europe.
France To Increase Defense Equipment Spending 
France’s 2018 government finance bill details the aeronautical equipment that the French Air Force, Navy and Army will receive and order as part of their ongoing fleet and weapons renewal.
Franco-Italian Summit Yields Orders For Arianespace, Avio 
Arianespace has placed an order for 10 Italian-made Vega launchers, while receiving an order to launch Italian satellites.
Avio Reports Progress On Booster For Ariane 6, Vega C 
Significant progress has been made in the development of Vega C and Ariane 6, the light and medium/heavy launchers Arianespace is planning on operating from 2019 and 2020, respectively.
Inmarsat Picks MHI For First Satellite In I-6 Fleet 
Inmarsat has chosen Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ H-IIA rocket to launch Inmarsat-6 F1 in 2020.
Pilatus Orders Aluminum For 80 PC-24 Business Jets 
Pilatus and aluminum semi-product supplier Constellium have signed a contract that will support production of the aircraft manufacturer’s backlog for the PC-24 business jet.
Satellite Demand: Surge Or Oversupply? 
The jury is still out on which business model and network architecture could thrive in the satellite telecommunications market in the near future.
Wary Of Brexit, MBDA Calls For European Cooperation 
MBDA CEO Antoine Bouvier is torn between optimism and worry about the impact of Brexit on the German-French-British missile manufacturer
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