GE Aviation unveiled one of the first digital customer solutions built on its Predix software platform, an application developed through a collaboration with Flydubai.

GE worked with the low-cost carrier on the network operations insights application at its first data analytics center in Dubai, which was opened last year. The airline implemented the platform at the end of June and will use it across its all-737 fleet to minimize aircraft delays, improve pilot operational understanding and manage scheduling and revenues in a real-time setting.

Along with the center in Dubai, the U.S. engine specialist opened its second data collaboration center in Paris in mid-June, which it will run in conjunction with GE Digital. It plans to open two more centers this year; the first in Shanghai next Wednesday (July 20), which will also be operated in conjunction with GE’s digital business, and the other in Austin, Texas, later this summer, which GE Aviation will run independently as its digital headquarters for aviation.

Jim Daily, GE’s vice president and chief digital officer for engineering and technology, said the engine maker would ideally like to set up another collaboration center in Southeast Asia in 2017, with the exact location still to be decided.

“When looking at the region and where our customers are, it makes sense to put a center there,” Daily said. “Ideally, I’d like to identify a specific location this year before setting up sometime in 2017.” 

Daily also revealed that GE’s aviation arm is exploring ways to further grow its ties with GE Digital with opportunities for crossover collaborations through its Predix platform.

“We’re trying to do as much as we can in conjunction with GE Digital. While there are instances unique to aviation, there’s also room for a lot of crossover and the Predix platform was designed with this mind,” he said.