Singapore encourages MROs to expand into more sophisticated engineering and incentivizes aerospace companies get more involved in manufacturing here.

The strategy is working. Big names in the aftermarket are expanding at Singapore’s Seletar Aerospace Park.

Airbus and Satair opened their first joint service center on Feb. 12. Satair will operate the facility that will provide customers within the region access to a dedicated range of spare parts.

Just a few days earlier, ST Aerospace celebrated the grand opening of its expanded 75,000-sq. meter aviation center that includes a range of services--from pilot training to business jet MRO. It now can accommodate up to 11 narrowbody aircraft and 24 general aviation aircraft simultaneously.

Pratt & Whitney opened its new component repair and engineering facility at Seletar on Feb. 10. The facility will repair and overhaul PW4000 high-pressure compressor air seals, split cases and ducts, as well as PW4000 low-pressure compressor stators. This new shop will use a special coating technology on LP stators--making it the first P&W facility outside of the U.S. to do so, according to Bill Kircher, VP for overhaul and repair in Singapore and president of UTC Aerospace Singapore.

P&W Component Solutions is part of the OEM’s $100 million investment in Seletar, where it also is building a 180,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility to produce PurePower engine fan blades and high-pressure turbine disks.

Vector Aerospace, a P&W designated overhaul center, plans to open an MRO facility at Seletar focused on PW150A turboprop maintenance. It plans to spend about $39 million to establish the 5,200-sq.-meter facility, which is scheduled to open in October, which might seem ambitious considering the building is still being constructed. However, Philip Ang, the facility’s general manager, says he believes it will be ready on time. Initially Vector will perform three or four engines per month.

In just two months, Jet Aviation plans to start serving customers at its new hangar at Seletar, which will triple its footprint here.

The new 24-meter-high hangar provides 5,000 sq. meters of floor area and can accommodate a Boeing or Airbus business jet--or up to five Gulfstream G650 or five Global 7000 aircraft.

Simon Wayne, general manager at Bombardier’s existing Singapore Service Center, tells Aviation Week that the firm has well-developed plans to open a new workshop “within months” that will offer “a very important regional facility to offer complete interior refurb capacity to regional customers.”

Bombardier already employs 24 staff at its Seletar base and says it will bring in specialist expertise to create what it calls a world-class fit-out facility to the region.