FARNBOROUGH -- Boeing has selected a BAE Systems-led team to provide the fly-by-wire (FBW) flight control system for the 777X, marking a new phase of system and supplier decisions for its ultra-long range, larger capacity 777 derivative family.

BAE, together with Rockwell Collins, already provide the primary flight-control electronics and autoland system on the current 777, but will take their role to a new level to control the more complex flight surfaces of the 777X. BAE will develop the integrated flight-control electronics (IFCE) and air-data function, which will manage the overall FBW system. Rockwell will develop the flight control module which forms part of the IFCE.

In addition to controlling the standard surfaces the 777X flight control module will include computing functionality that supports the aircraft’s load alleviation, high lift and folding wing tip features, says Rockwell. The 777X, which enters service in 2020, will be the first commercial aircraft with folding wing tips.