One of the largest all-new exhibits at the DSEi defense show here is the latest variation on a classic theme – a new 8 x 8 armored vehicle from Finland’s Patria.

What the company calls its New Vehicle Concept is designed to reflect the fact that 8 x 8s are used for dozens of missions in different environments. The new vehicle is designed to be more flexible and upgradable than its predecessor, Patria’s Armored Modular Vehicle, some 1,400 of which have been delivered or ordered since it entered service in 2003.

The new vehicle is slightly larger than the AMV, at 30 tons gross vehicle weight. But its dry, unequipped weight has been held to 17 tons, leaving 13 tons for payload, weapons, modular armor and other customer options. It still has a steel hull, but in all “about 50 percent of the parts are new,” the company says.

The philosophy is to provide space, weight, power and cooling for the customer’s choice of mission electronics – a vehicle outfitted by Saab has a remotely controlled weapon station mounting a 25 mm ATK cannon. Each occupant seat has power and data connections for wearable computers and other elements of “future soldier” systems, and the vehicle has a permanent health and usage monitoring system and a 13 kW, 24V electrical system.