Israel’s Rafael will spotlight its Iron Dome counter-rocket system at the Aero India 2013 exposition.

India has been showing interest in the combat-proven active defense system, which can intercept short-range artillery rockets. The Israeli air force deployed the system in 2011 after the country decided to develop a mobile air defense system following the second Lebanon War in 2006.

Iron Dome is composed of a detection and tracking radar, battle management and weapon control system and a missile firing unit. The truck-towed mobile air defense system can be operated in all weather conditions.

Iron Dome also features a vertical launch interceptor, warhead and proximity fuse, mobile launcher and compatibility with various radar and detection systems. The system’s special warhead allows it to detonate any target in the air.

Besides the Iron Dome, Rafael also will showcase David’s Sling, the multi-mission, multi-platform interceptor; the Spyder SR/MR, which belongs to the family of short and medium range air defense systems; the Pythons-5 air-to-air IR missile and air defense missile; the Derby beyond-visual-range range air-to-air missile and air defense missile; and MIC4AD, the Modular, Integrated C4I Air & Missile Defense System, the company says.

Iron Dome photo: Natan Flayer