India’s Bharat Electronics (BEL) will manufacture sub-assemblies for the Boeing Super Hornet fighter.

“Under a follow-on contract of 2011, BEL will deliver components for our F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and P-8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft,” says Dennis Swanson, vice president of international business development for Boeing Defense, Space & Security in India.

Through the new contract BEL will produce Super Hornet subassemblies including the ground power panel, helmet vehicle interface stowage and switch assembly and cockpit console panels.

For the F/A-18, BEL also produces a stowage panel for the Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System connector cable and an avionics cooling system fan test switch panel with a Night Vision Imaging System-compatible floodlight assembly. For the P-8I it provides the identification-friend-or-foe interrogators and data link II communications systems.

The Indian navy in 2009 ordered eight P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft to intensify offshore surveillance over the country’s territorial water and exclusive economic zone.

BEL also has been partnered with Boeing at the state-run company’s analysis and experimentation center in Bengaluru since 2009.

Super Hornet photo: Boeing