Israel Aerospace Industries is unveiling a new high-definition (HD) electro-optical payload at the Paris Air Show, designed to support persistent wide-area surveillance by large and medium unmanned aerial systems. The long-range, high-definition stabilized multispectral payload, called M-19 HD, is designed to carry and operate simultaneously up to seven sensors, enabling continuous day/night monitoring in all weather conditions.

According to Israel David, general manager of IAI’s Tamam Division, the M-19 HD is ideal for high-altitude, long-endurance, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, targeting and persistent awareness missions.

The system features simultaneous observation in multiple fields of view, a multimode automatic video tracker and accurate geolocation of tracked objects, using an embedded inertial measurement unit/global positioning system. These functions ease the operator’s mission workload when monitoring multiple sensors over different spectral bands.

While the M-19 HD is tailored to customers’ specific requirements, a typical configuration comprises two HD day cameras (zoom and spotter), two HD infrared cameras (zoom and spotter) and four laser devices: designator, range finder, pointer and illuminator (in near infrared). In addition, IAI includes an electron-multiplied charged coupled device camera or short-wave infrared camera for specific applications (for example, wide-area automatic gunshot or launch detection).

At a weight of 75–85 kg (165–187 lb), depending on the configuration, the ellipsoid M-19 HD measures 57.6 cm (22.6 in) wide by 69.4 cm (27.3 in) high. It is configured in a single line-replaceable unit to ease maintenance and support. It can be fitted on high- to medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles, fixed-wing aircraft, maritime vessels, aerostats or helicopters.