BAE Systems (Stand U67) is debuting a new lightweight digital head-up display (HUD) for operators looking to upgrade their fleets of F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft.

The F-16 Digital Light Engine Head-Up Display (DLE HUD) is designed to address obsolescence issues with previous generations of HUDs, which use cathode ray tube technology.

Using a new advanced display technique, BAE claims the new HUD, at 20.1 kg, weighs significantly less than the systems it replaces, enjoys a mean time between failures of up to 8,000 flights hours and also uses less electrical power.

BAE Systems says the HUD is also compatible with the FA/T-50 family of light combat aircraft and jet trainer.

Mike Reader, Asia-Pacific programs director for communications and control solutions at BAE Systems, said the new HUD would “offer its users a simple retrofit to their obsolete HUDs and significantly lower life-cycle costs due to reduced maintenance and spares.”

Several countries in the region are embarking on or looking to begin upgrades of their F-16 fleets in the coming years. South Korea has already set such a program in motion for its KF-16 fleet. Other operators in the region include Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.