Emirates believes it will have to repair all of its Airbus A380s, after recent findings of type 2 cracks in wing rib feet. “We have inspected five aircraft so far,” says Emirates Executive Vice-President Sales Thierry Antinori. The airline currently has 21 units in service and expects a further 10 by the end of the year.

Tim Clark, the airline’s president, has told the Financial Times that the airline is losing around $90 million in revenues because of the expected aircraft down-times and wants compensation from Airbus. “We are not happy,” says Antinori. “We have to downgrade to 777s and we are losing customers.”

Airbus parent EADS said Thursday that it expects repairs of the in-service and in-production fleet will cost around €105 million in total. That figure did not include the efforts for a permanent re-design of the affected wing parts. It also did not take into account any kind of claims for compensation from customers. So far, Emirates is the only airline to have publicly made the demand. Emirates is the biggest operator followed by Singapore Airlines (16), Qantas Airways (12) and Lufthansa (8). A total of 71 are in operation.