Sukhoi says a Superjet 100 involved in a wheels-up landing at Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport in Iceland on July 21 will be repaired and returned to the test program.

The Russian manufacturer says the fourth development aircraft, which joined the program in 2010, was in the final phases of autoland certification testing when the accident occurred on the airport’s runway 11. The aircraft, with five onboard, was conducting Cat IIIA autoland tests in crosswinds as well as simulated single-engine approaches.

Testing had been underway for more than 1 hr. 20 min. when the accident took place. After conducting most of the approaches to runway 20, the crew overflew runway 11 and made a wide turn over the sea before returning for a landing. Reports from Iceland indicate the landing gear was not down as it touched down with the aircraft coming to a stop in the grass beyond the end of the runway. Sukhoi reports that one of the two certification officials on board was injured during the subsequent evacuation. It adds that “at the time of the incident all aircraft systems were functioning normally.”

First images of the Superjet 100-95 appear to indicate some damage to the right engine nacelle, as well as the belly and flaps.