Rockwell Collins is joining forces with Boeing to develop a flight-deck upgrade for the 757 and 767 using 787 technology.

Supplemental type certification of the manufactured-backed retrofit is expected in the second quarter of 2014, the avionics manufacturer says.

The upgrade will offer operators of more than 1,600 757s and 767s still flying increased efficiency, reliability and enhanced crew situational awareness, says Jeff Standerski, Rockwell Collins vice president and general manager for air transport systems.

The electronic flight and engine instrument system retrofit will replace six cathode ray-tube displays with three large, landscape-format liquid-crystal displays, each providing two independently controlled display windows.

New communication and surveillance equipment compatible with NextGen and other modernized airspace- management systems will include provisions for automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast, controller-pilot datalink, airport maps and surface guidance.

Rockwell Collins also will offer a head-up display with future synthetic-vision system capability for improved situational awareness, particularly during approaches and departures in low-visibility conditions.

Standerski says the open architecture of Rockwell Collins’s display system for the 787 will allow the 757/767 upgrade to be developed and installed “cost effectively with minimal aircraft downtime.”