GE Aviation, expanding on an existing program, is developing a used life-limited parts (LLPs) history designation that will certify a GE powerplant’s most critical parts as being operated amid the most optimal configurations.

Under the TRUEngine LLP program, announced Tuesday at MRO Europe, LLPs that are maintained to the manufacturer’s standards and operated with all so-called influencing parts maintained to those standards will be stamped TRUEngine LLP-certified.

Influencing parts vary based on a specific LLP, and each LLP’s influencing parts are now published in maintenance manuals. Ensuring these parts have been OEM standard is key to designating a part TRUEngine LLP-certified. 

 “LLP will be qualified at the part level and at a specific time-since-new and cycles-since-new,” a GE statement explains.

Documentation detailing LLP history will accompany parts sold through GE Aviation’s materials business, the leading source of serviceable used parts for GE engines. GE Engine Services already is the top supplier of used serviceable engine parts, according to SH&E. Last year the company accounted for 17% of the $1.35 billion in used serviceable engine spares.

The new program builds on TRUEngine, GE’s five-year-old offering that stamps a certificate of approval at the engine serial number level to engines maintained to the OEM’s standards.

TRUEngine LLP will be made available to anyone in the business, including other surplus parts suppliers. It will be rolled out in phases, and will cover the CFM56, CF34, CF6, GE90, and GEnx engines. GE’s GM-Material Services Tom Levin says the company “is still developing the commercial model” around the program, though it will be free to existing TRUEngine customers and was not developed with revenue-generation as a primary goal.

The program’s initial step was pouring through its existing inventory to develop the policies and procedures - a seven-month process. A third-party MRO partner has helped verify the TRUEngine LLP records audit process, and the product is now available.