A LAM Mozambique Airlines Embraer 190 has crashed in Namibia. All 29 passengers and six crew onboard were killed, LAM has confirmed.

LAM flight TM470 was a scheduled service from Maputo to Luanda. It was reported missing Nov. 29.

“We have received confirmation from the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority that the search party and its inspectors have located and identified the aircraft wreckage at a site in northern Namibia,” LAM says in a statement.

“LAM has also assembled a response team which has been dispatched to Namibia this afternoon to assist and provide support to the authorities which will investigate this accident.

“We do not have any information on the circumstances of the accident and we cannot speculate on possible causes as the investigators must be given the time and space to do their work without interference or prejudice.”

LAM says the aircraft was registered C9-EMC. The 93-seat aircraft was manufactured in 2012 and was powered by two GE CF34-10 turbofan engines. Since entering service with LAM Nov. 17, 2012, the aircraft had logged 2,905 flights hours.

Embraer says it is sending a team of technicians to the scene of the accident to assist with the investigation.