Air traffic control providers from Iceland and Denmark are reporting new progress in deploying automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) networks that will provide coverage across large areas of the North Atlantic.

Isavia has successfully completed key tests on a new ADS-B system in Iceland, while Denmark’s Naviair is close to awarding a contract for networks in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Naviair expects to announce the successful bidder for its ADS-B project in the middle of November, a spokesman tells AviationWeek. There was no shortlist of bidders. A timetable for ADS-B installation will also be released soon.

Meanwhile, Isavia officials say the Iceland network has passed its site acceptance tests. AviationWeek had previously reported that this assessment began last week. By signing off on the site acceptance tests, Isavia has confirmed that its contractor Comsoft has delivered an ADS-B ground station network that meets all requirements.

The Isavia officials say Comsoft also conducted training for maintenance personnel last week. The next steps will be gaining certification of the ADS-B network from the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration. Isavia is also soliciting bids for a tracking system that will be required to merge radar and ADS-B signals.

While Naviair is responsible for overseeing installation of the Greenland and Faroe Islands ADS-B ground stations, Isavia will operate all three networks from Reykjavik. Together, the networks will enable the first air traffic surveillance corridor from North America to Europe.

Isavia expects to be able to start using the Iceland network next summer, and the other networks on a limited basis in 2014.