The FAA has ordered Bombardier CRJ200 operators to remove certain Goodyear main landing gear tires from service because of a wear problem that could lead to failures.

The order, delivered via an immediately adopted airworthiness directive (AD 2012-0881) issued Aug. 29, affects new Goodyear tires made in Brazil. The tires are exhibiting tread separations and tread-area bulges due to low adhesion along the tire shoulders, or edges, the FAA says.

Retreaded tires are not affected.

Operators have five flight cycles from Sept. 13 date to inspect their aircraft. Tires covered by the AD must be removed and replaced before further flight.

Goodyear released a service bulletin on the issue in April, and Brazil’s civil aviation authority adopted it as a directive in May. Other civil aviation authorities, including Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the European Aviation Safety Agency and Transport Canada, also have demanded the tire changes.

The FAA says its directive could affect some 3,400 tires on U.S.-registered CRJs. The agency estimates each new tire costs about $2,000, although Goodyear is expected to offset some operator costs.